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German Generals: The Russians will purify us in a possible war - Lavrov talked about theft of Kosovo by the West

Speaking at the OSCE, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov sent a telegram to the US/NATO, which may be the occasion for a military conflagration in Europe.

"They stole Kosovo from Serbia," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in his speech to the OSCE Council of Ministers, while tickling that the organization is in a miserable state.
Lavrov pointed out that the prospects of this organization are not clear.

"In a little more than a year, the Helsinki Final Act will be 50 years old. We regret to say that the OSCE will greet this anniversary in a sad state while its prospects are unclear," Lavrov said.

The Russian Foreign Minister said that it was the NATO and EU countries that destroyed the military-political dimension of the OSCE in 1999.

At that time, he recalled, the North Atlantic Alliance carried out a brutal attack on Yugoslavia, a member of the OSCE and the UN.

If Moscow wants to set Europe on fire, it will strike in Kosovo and Serbian Bosnia, nowhere else, and it is enough to blow up the European continent.


German Generals warn the Eastern Coalition that will tear Europe apart

When German Generals warn NATO and Europe about moves to prevail in the "first battle" with the Russia-China-North Korea-Iran coalition, then yes things are not going well in the geopolitical realm.     

German officers have said that "we may not be able as the West to win the 'first battle' if war breaks out in the East".

"European armed forces are not prepared for war with Russia and risk being 'dismantled' by Putin's power," a top military expert warned.

Sonke Nigel, a professor of military history at the University of Potsdam, said it could take more than a decade before Germany is ready for war.

The warning comes as several German generals have suggested that NATO may not be able to win the "first battle" in a war on its eastern flank.

They said that they would find it difficult to send sufficient numbers of troops and equipment to the front line quickly enough.

Professor Nigel told the Berlin Security Conference: "We need more money and more personnel. And there are limits to politics. "We cannot rule out that the Bundeswehr [the German armed forces] will have to fight. We will stand next to the coffins and graves of soldiers and we will be asked: "What did you do?" "We will have to explain to the mothers and fathers why the soldiers could not fulfill their job. And right now we can only die bravely if there is a war.

"It is very clear: if our armed forces are going to fight, they will die without drones, air defense systems and without adequate supplies. Are we now clear enough in our message [to Germany's leaders]? If our soldiers die, it will be your responsibility," he said.

A. Olgogren, the Dutch Defence Minister, believes that European countries need to strengthen their defence capabilities to be "combat-ready".

Speaking at the Berlin Security Conference, she said no country can handle today's security threats alone.

"We Europeans must strengthen our plans and build a credible European defence to reinforce our position as a key pillar in NATO," she wrote in X.

He explained that because there have been no wars within the European Union, EU membership is "both a reward and a promise of peace and stability."

The bottom line in all of this is that, Putin, having found an opportunity to prepare his army on Ukrainian soil, increased weapons production, shaped a new situation in Russian, society, moved more forcefully with China and North Korea and Iran, is now watching Europe and its leaders run and not catch up.

There is no right side of history at stake in what is coming for the redistribution of the world, but in who and how to save themselves from an Armageddon that is as short as ever.

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