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Massacre in Gaza until the ceasefire - Hamas with Iranian mines and anti-tank guns is destroying Israeli TOMAs (Video)

Terrifying street fighting footage of Hamas presence and intense Israeli action is coming to light, with Palestinian terrorists using magnetic mines against the TOMA and Israël's battle tanks.   

Fighting continues in the Gaza Strip. Hamas anti-tank groups attack Israeli Army armoured vehicles with RPGs and destroy a heavy Namer armoured personnel carrier.


Reports indicate the use of mines against Israeli armoured vehicles which Russian sources say are moving without infantry cover. In the footage, the cameraman films the Merkava crew at close range as they leave the tank and chat with other soldiers.

As a result, the soldiers are actually being shot with machine guns by Hamas members.

Hezbollah increases rocket attacks from Lebanon against Israel

At the same time today at least 50 rockets were fired at settlements in Galilee by Lebanon, which they consider to be "the largest bombardment since the beginning of the war.

The ceasefire that we will have tomorrow Friday will be a small pause as the war will continue even more brutally  

The ceasefire and the hostage release process from the Gaza Strip will begin no earlier than Friday, November 24, the Israeli National Security Council says.

The delay in implementing the ceasefire agreement is due to the fact that Hamas has not yet submitted a list of hostages it plans to release and has not yet ratified the agreement.

An agreement for a four-day ceasefire in Gaza and the release of dozens of hostages held by militants and Palestinian prisoners by Israel appeared to have hit a snag at the last minute.

A senior Israeli official said it would take effect by Friday, a day later than originally announced. The diplomatic achievement promised some relief for the 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza who have endured weeks of Israeli bombardment, as well as families in Israel fearful of the fate of loved ones captured during the Oct. 7 Hamas offensive that sparked the war.

Israel's national security adviser, Tzachi Hanegbi, announced the delay late Wednesday without giving a reason.

Negotiators were still "working to create the right conditions" for a ceasefire and exchange, according to Majed al-Ansari, a spokesman for Qatar's Foreign Ministry, which played a key role in mediating with Hamas.

Israel will not stop its military operations unless it expels all the Palestinians from Gaza in view of its geopolitical and commercial projects in the region.

In an analysis for the Jerusalem Post, Israeli expert Seth Franzman had said that Greece, France, Cyprus, Bahrain, Egypt and Jordan are on the list of "countries" destined to join the expansion of the new Quad as the Quartet is called.

Essentially the world is divided into alliances before possibly the great unraveling and in view of the huge energy projects in the Mediterranean, which ended up in Israeli ports either by rail or gas pipelines, and in these projects the Hamas terrorists with the assistance of Turkey would cause terrible problems.

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