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Hamas terrorists gathered 500,000 litres of fuel to blow up the Israeli Army

Israel released the day before yesterday revealing satellite images showing what is described as a stockpile of half a million litres of Hamas diesel fuel in special tanks while the world is really suffering.

The Palestinian terrorists are likely to use them to trap a specific area in order to blow up hundreds of Israeli soldiers, tanks, and other weapons systems.
They themselves have also announced threats of "hell on earth" in the event of an Israeli ground invasion, and that means one thing: a trap against Israeli forces and that alone.

It is a terrifying plan, centred on the vast network of tunnels under Gaza, which stretch for tens of kilometres, enabling the trapping of many areas at once.

Huge fuel shortages in hospitals-water pumps and other infrastructure are killing many civilians     

At the same time, UN agencies claim that all infrastructure was on the verge of shutting down due to lack of fuel.

"There is fuel in Gaza to run hospitals and pump water," Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Cornicus said via X/Twitter.

"But Hamas prefers to use the fuel to continue fighting Israel. Anyone who claims otherwise is ignoring Hamas' crimes against their own," he continued.

A special unit of the Israeli Defense Ministry uncovered Hamas' fuel tanks.

The Israeli army released images of Hamas' fuel tanks in Gaza, suggesting the UN should ask the Palestinian terrorist organization for the fuel it needs.

UN agencies have warned that there is an extremely low supply of fuel to power electrical generators at hospitals and desalination plants.

The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), which is the largest humanitarian actor in Gaza, said it would have to halt operations on Wednesday due to a shortage of fuel.

"Without fuel, there will be no water, no hospitals and no bakeries," UNRWA said in a statement.

The World Health Organization said Tuesday that it had delivered 34,000 liters of fuel to four hospitals in southern Gaza, but that the delivery would keep them operating for only 24 hours.

Israeli officials also stressed on Tuesday that Hamas had stolen fuel supplies from the UN in the early days of the war.

"We know for sure that there is plenty of fuel in Gaza. Hamas has stockpiled fuel in advance and is stealing fuel from both civilians and the UN to fuel its war machine against Israel," Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan wrote on X/Twitter.

We all remember the deadly August 4, 2020 explosion in Beirut's port, which was caused by 500 tons of ammonia nitrate, killing 200 people, now with 500,000 liters of oil, I wonder what Hamas' Mujahideen have prepared?

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