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Israeli Foreign Minister's intense reaction against Erdogan - Part of the Congress lashed out at Blinken over Turkey

The drums of the diplomatic war against Turkey are beating loudly, and no one in the US and the West can hide after Erdogan's confession of an "anti-state organization" for the terrorists of Hamas.

The first strong reaction came from the spokesman of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Lior Haiat, who says the following:

"Israel wholeheartedly rejects the Turkish President's harsh words about the Hamas terrorist organization. Hamas is a despicable terrorist organization worse than ISIS that brutally and deliberately murders babies, children, women and the elderly, takes civilians hostage and uses its own people as human shields.

Even the Turkish president's attempt to defend the terrorist organization and his inciting words will not change the horror the whole world has seen and the undeniable fact: Hamas = ISIS," he concluded.

It is estimated that Turkey-Israel relations are again entering a phase of conflict, while reports indicate that Ankara is preparing to send military "aid" to Gaza, according to Bahçeli, who had a two-hour conversation with Erdogan on this issue.

The scenario speaks of a new "Mavi Marmara", which, if it were to become reality, would clearly even trigger a war between Israelis and Turks.  

Erdogan's groom cancelled all trips related to energy issues between the two countries, and this shows that Ankara is determined on everything regarding Hamas and Israel.

Congressional uproar against Blinken over Erdogan's statements

According to journalist Lena Argyris, these hours we have a bipartisan initiative in Congress against Turkey.

Senators ask US Secretary of State A. Blinken to take action against Turkey for its support of Hamas.

Senators demand Turkey:
1. Officially designate Hamas as a terrorist organization.

2. To close Hamas' Istanbul office.

3. Revoke all Turkish citizenship and confiscate passports from Hamas members in Turkey.

4. Immediately expel all Hamas officials and ban their re-entry into Turkey.

But since Erdogan is doing almost none of this, it would be good to prepare for sanctions from the US in the midst of a critical situation in Gaza, which under certain conditions could turn into a regional military conflict with Turkey inside.

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