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Russian army ready - Furious Ukrainian commander at Zelensky: "We are running out of soldiers", enlist women

It is a fact that is no longer disputed by American and other sources that the Ukrainian army has run out of soldiers, while the general mobilisation has not yielded the expected results, and now Kiev is oriented towards calling up women.

Vladislav Shevchuk, commander of the 80th Airborne Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, said this in an interview with Bigus.Info: Ukrainians should not believe that they can be in the rear. They must not think that Ukrainians should not be able to stay in the back of the Ukraine.

There are not enough soldiers. I speak frankly and I am not afraid of anyone, the military personnel is running out every day. Those who think they can sit there deep in the rear, wait for the war to end and then come out and say they helped on the economic front by buying coffee and cigarettes, will achieve nothing.
The world is a small place, and while we have a large-scale war, for some reason the draft is not general.

All those who call themselves civilians, including each individual should do their duty, and I remind you that our law does not prohibit women from serving," Shevchuk said.

He believes that the authorities or the military leadership will sooner or later come up with a comprehensive mobilization, since "many have not enlisted so far."

Moreover, the Ukrainian officer noted that he has high hopes for the new Ukrainian Defence Minister Rustem Umerov, that under him not only new technologies will be introduced that will lead to mass conscription (probably with the creation of an electronic register of those liable for military service), but there will also be "a tough approach to this issue".

"I don't see anything wrong. It doesn't bother me. But it bothers me terribly when I lose my people while fulfilling my mission. I am doing my duty, which means others have to do it," he concluded.


The Russians are preparing at least Three Armies plus other elite units for the imminent Russian offensive, after the three-month waste of Ukrainian Soldiers on the battlefields.

Russia claimed Wednesday that it has been depleting Ukraine's army for 20 months in a conflict in which neither side has made significant gains.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu made the comments during a visit to eastern Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry said Wednesday.

"The situation today suggests that the enemy has fewer and fewer opportunities. And they will continue to decrease, thanks exclusively to your combat work," Soyghov told the Russian soldiers.

He was also filmed smiling and laughing when a Russian soldier told him that Ukrainian troops were "in a panic."

Moscow believes that now is the right time to throw powerful and ready forces into the war, possibly reaching the outskirts of Kiev, in order to end this bloodshed, which has also destroyed the Russian economy, regardless of statements to the contrary by Russian officials.   

According to reliable Russian sources, following the creation with the formation of the reserve 25th Combined Arms Army in Crimea, the deployment of the 18th Combined Arms Army has begun, based on the 22nd Army Corps, which is an organic part of the Black Sea Fleet.

It was also decided to transform the 14th and 11th Army Corps of the North and Baltic into Armies.
In the Far East, based on the 155th Guards Battalion of the Zukov Marine Brigade of the Pacific Fleet (Vladivostok), the 55th Marine Division was created.

Everything indicates that a Russian offensive of immense proportions is imminent on the Ukrainian front, aimed at the unconditional surrender of the Ukrainians and nothing else, according to an earlier statement by Russian officials.

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