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Hamas-style attack caused fear to Kosovo - Skopje troops were sent additionally to KFOR

A Hamas-type attack is feared in Kosovo, while the "fire" in Israel has already mobilized huge forces in and around the Eastern Mediterranean, while strong American forces are also coming to Greece.

All the security reports from NATO-EU and other institutes are "red hot" and warn of new possible armed incidents that could lead to a conflagration in this region between Serbia and Kosovo and from there possibly spreading to the whole Balkans.



For this reason, initially yesterday, the Skopje government decided to send an additional 35 soldiers to Kosovo, based on NATO's previous decision to increase the number of its troops in the former Serbian province after the serious incident on September 24, which resulted in the Kosovo police attacking an Orthodox monastery.

The Skopje Soldiers have orders to act against Serbian paramilitary forces that will appear in the North Kosovo region.

NATO Secretary General issues ultimatum statement as soldiers from Romania, Bulgaria and the UK gather

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that "Pristina and Belgrade must refrain from actions that could further escalate the situation and should return to the dialogue facilitated by the European Union (EU)."

He told a press conference that NATO has increased its presence in Kosovo with several hundred troops from Romania, Bulgaria and the UK.


"There is a tense and difficult situation, we are monitoring it very closely and we have increased our presence, especially in the North. The main message is that both Pristina and Belgrade must refrain from actions that could further escalate the situation or increase tensions and refrain from inflammatory rhetoric," Stoltenberg said.

The statement by the Secretary General of the coalition is only coincidental as it is based on concrete information about possible action in Serbian paramilitary forces present in the region.

Hamas-style incident feared in Kosovo

According to the Secretary General of the Euro-Atlantic Strategy Institute, Boban Bogdanovic, the Serbian Secret Service (BIA) under Aleksandar Vulin is preparing a bloody "attack" in northern Kosovo after the events in the Orthodox Monastery in September.

"I have information that the BIA on the orders of Aleksander Vulin is preparing a bloody conflict with the Serbian community as a vehicle in the northern part of Kosovo," Bogdanovic wrote on the social network "X".

According to security expert Drizan Shala, this is a continuation of the September 24th plan, which was left in the middle.

"The September 24 plan was left in the middle because the sudden reaction of the Kosovo police took them by surprise and our action took a different form from the one planned by the Belgrade government, which was aimed at annexing the northern part of the country," Shala said.

Serbs are calling for the unification of all Serbian territories in Kosovo and Bosnia after the devastating wars of 1995-99 that destroyed them, to be incorporated by referendum afterwards.

What is certain is that Gaza will not be the only "hot spot" of conflict near the Greek territory, while Lebanon, Syria and Iraq are already involved in a serious crisis, due to US bases and attacks by Iranian militias.

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