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Anti-Western craziness in Turkey - The son of the Islamist Erbakan, "mentor" of Erdogan, officially calls for the immediate closure of NATO-US bases in the country

That the political world and the majority of the Turkish people have been harbouring anti-Western sentiments for years is a well-established and undeniable fact, which became particularly evident recently with the pro-Hamas, pro-Israel-US stance of Erdogan and the Turkish parties and the recurring huge demonstrations in many Turkish cities in which the citizens have been pro-Hamas.


Generalised Turkish "campaign" against Israel-USA-NATO

However, it seems that the situation is getting completely out of hand in Turkey, as according to International Media, "a political ally of the Turkish President has called for the closure of NATO bases in Turkey, urging his country to deny access to bases in the US," which he points out:

"A political ally of the Turkish president, notorious anti-Semitic politician Muhammed Ali Fatih Erbakan, has called for the immediate closure of military bases hosting NATO and US troops in Turkey.

He also advocated denying both the US and Israel access to Turkish airspace, ports and territorial waters, as well as the persecution of Turkish Jews enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces.

On 19 October, speaking in the Turkish parliament, Erbakan called for a comprehensive campaign against Israel, arguing that mere condemnations would be fruitless and that only decisive action would bring about a change in the Israeli government's behavior, and criticized the United States for its support of Israel.


Incirlik Air Base and Kürecik Radar Base will have to be closed

The entire Islamic world is obliged to take immediate action under the leadership of Turkey.

This is both a humanitarian and religious obligation. If we aim to stop Zionist terrorism, we must take concrete measures and impose sanctions that act as a deterrent," he said.

Turkey's Incirlik Air Base, located in the southeastern province of Adana, serves as the headquarters of the 10th Tanker Base Command of the country's Air Force, providing critical logistical support to the Turkish military. In addition, the 39th Air Force Base Wing of the US Air Force is stationed at the same base as part of a joint agreement between the two countries in December 1954 and later expanded in March 1980 through the Turkey-US Defense and Economic Cooperation Agreement.

The Kürecik radar station, located in the southeastern province of Malatya, is a NATO facility established in 2012 as an early warning radar system against ballistic missile attacks. It was installed and is currently operated by US military personnel.

There are other Turkish bases in the country where US and NATO forces are stationed and their access to Turkish military facilities may also be at risk if Erbakan's demands are met.

According to Erbakan, the Kürecik base "protects Israel from possible Iranian missile attacks." He urged its immediate closure, stressing that Turkey should not help Israel in its defense.

Storm of Turkish measures called for against Israel-US

During his speech in parliament, Erbakan presented a series of demands.

These included the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador as persona non grata, the recall of the Turkish ambassador from Israel, the suspension of sales of oil and strategic goods to the US and Israel by Muslim nations, the termination of all trade contracts with US and Israeli companies , the denial of access to Turkish airspace, ports and territorial waters for both the US and Israel, the launching of a global boycott of Israeli and US goods and the pursuit of an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In addition, there is a need to identify individuals who hold dual Turkish and Israeli citizenship and serve in the Israeli army, he said. "These individuals should be prosecuted in Turkey for crimes against humanity."

Referring to the statements of his late father, Nedzmetin Erbakan, who was known for his anti-Semitic views and played a key role in establishing political Islam in Turkey while guiding Islamist politicians such as President Erdogan, the younger Erbakan argued that the Zionists will only understand in the language of sanctions, not just words.

"We must be courageous and take action against the Zionist monster that seeks to overrun the entire Middle East and the entire Islamic world after Gaza and Palestine," he said, stressing that Turkey must lead a global uprising in the strongest possible way against Israel.

Erbakan also revealed that his party had submitted a proposal to the Speaker's Office proposing the deployment of the Turkish navy in the eastern Mediterranean to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza by sea and deliver humanitarian aid. It is important to note that the deployment of Turkish troops abroad requires approval from the Turkish parliament.

Erbakan's political party supports Erdogan

In the Turkish political landscape, Erbakan currently leads a relatively small Islamist political party known as the New Welfare Party (Yeniden Refah Partisi), which was founded in November 2018.

His political campaign gained momentum after he formed an alliance with Turkish President Erdogan during the May election this year.

With generous government support, the party secured 1.5 million votes nationwide and won five seats in the Turkish parliament in its inaugural election.

The party is currently represented by Erbakan and four of his colleagues.

 Like his father, the younger Erbakan is a fiercely anti-Western politician and a leading propagator of conspiracy theories in Turkey against Jews, promoting anti-Semitism among the Turkish population. His party openly supported the Hamas terrorist attacks that occurred on 7 October.

His party was one of the leading organisations in mobilising Turks to hold rallies in front of the Israeli Embassy in Ankara and its consulate in Istanbul.

With the support of the government, Erbakan has significantly expanded his outreach to a larger audience in Turkey by making frequent appearances on national television, openly propagating his anti-Semitic views on live television.

Erbakan: "PA-Israel want to establish an independent Kurdish state"

Erbakan also expressed a belief that circulates widely in Erdogan's government circles, though not publicly, suggesting that the US and Israel have ambitions to establish an independent Kurdistan by carving out territory from Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

According to this belief, the Kurdistan region will eventually be annexed to Israel to create a larger Israeli state in the future.

US-NATO must put Turkey in the "freezer"

The above fully verifies the popular expression, "when you have such "allies" (like Turkey) what can you do with enemies".

Our view is that the US-NATO should consider in the first instance, ways to exclude Turkey from classified information and decision-making committees of the Alliance, since "a man's word is as good as his wise". .

The first example of Turkey's anti-Western stance ,is the war in Ukraine with Erdogan's insidious attitude towards NATO and his friendly attitude towards enemies of the Alliance, such as Russia and Iran.

Now it is his support for the terrorist Hamas against Israel.

It seems that now the glass is overflowing for the West.





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