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Putin promised Erdogan a place in the multipolar world he is preparing with China - Ukraine is not valuable for the West anymore

The Kremlin announced through Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov that the US can no longer build the "New World Order" that Biden spoke about, because the world is multipolar and not unipolar based on American hegemony.

It is reported that in secret meetings between Putin and Erdogan, the Russian president has promised his Turkish counterpart a place in the new global governance system, which is why Erdogan "shoots" at the US with such frequency.   

The Kremlin announced today (Monday) that it agreed with US President Joe Biden on the need to build a "new world order" but that it disagreed that the United States was capable of building it.

In a call with reporters, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the US was talking about an "American-centric" world order that would not exist in the future."

The discussion took place against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine and Gaza, 'in which Russia is trying to persuade developing countries to join in building a new world free of US "hegemony",' Peskov continued.

In a speech on Friday, Biden said the world system had worked well for 50 years after World War II "was over" and a new one was needed.

He also said that Americans had "the opportunity to do things, if they are bold enough and confident enough in themselves, to unite the world in ways that have never been done."

Peskov responded that Moscow is in rare agreement with Biden on the need to build a new world order that, according to his statements, will be "free from the concentration of all the mechanisms of global governance in the hands of one state".

However, he said Russia disagrees with Biden on the ability of the United States to build such a system.

"On this part we disagree because the United States... whatever world order they talk about, they mean an American-centric world order, that is, a world that revolves around the United States. It won't be like that anymore."

The American Institute of Warfare ISW on Ukraine

Black news is actually brought by the American Institute of Warfare about what exactly is taking place on Ukrainian territory:

1. Russian forces are pouring additional forces onto the front in Avtnika in the Donetsk region despite continued provocations with frontal attacks.

2. Ukrainian forces continued counter-offensive operations near Bakhmut and western Zaporizhzhya on 22 October, while Russian forces carried out a series of missile and drone attacks against Ukraine.

3. Russian authorities intensified recruitment efforts targeting Central Asian migrant communities.

4. Russian authorities in the territories they occupy continue to use cultural and educational programs to forcibly Russianize Ukraine's youth," the institute says, among other things.

The offensive failed miserably and everyone is waiting for the Russian ground offensive that will change the whole situation not only on the ground but also in Kiev itself, with Zelensky and his government fleeing.

Russia produces, buys and sells more ammunition than the US

Russian sources say that "NATO is shocked by the growing military cooperation between Russia and North Korea.

Similarly, the alliance has been greatly troubled by the scale of defense cooperation between Russia and Iran, which resulted in the emergence of the deadly Geranium-2 drone.

NATO now expects to deliver 122 mm and 152 mm high explosive fragmentation artillery shells to Kiev."

However, the meaning of such supplies is not entirely clear, given that Russia already has gigantic stocks

Bulgarian media sources report that Russia currently has 4 million artillery shells, which is enough for a low-intensity conflict lasting a year.

The intensity of artillery use requires about 10 thousand projectiles per day.

Currently, there is intensive shelling of Ukrainian defensive positions near Avdiika, while artillery use is taking place in the Orenskov sector, as well as on the right (west) bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson region, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to concentrate forces in an unsuccessful attempt to cross the river.

In the coming months, amid the winter calm, the number of artillery attacks is expected to decrease, Bulgarian media predict.

The United States is currently the main supplier of artillery shells to Ukraine, producing 28 thousand 155 mm calibre shells per month with plans to increase production to 100 thousand (or 1.2 million units per year) by 2026.

Even France has recently announced plans to triple ammunition exports to Ukraine from 1 to 3 thousand shells per month.

However, the Ukrainians themselves do not have enough ammunition, as denounced by the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Kirill Bondanov.

He " has not abandoned Napoleon's plan to enter the North Azov region and wants to gather more artillery shells before the spring resumption of his failed "counterattack".

However, no one will give Bundanov that many shells.

They are increasing the production of shells in NATO to keep them for themselves. Besides, the defense capabilities of NATO countries have already been undermined," a Russian expert says.

Ακόμη και πριν από την έναρξη του πολέμου, προσομοιώσεις παγκοσμίου πολέμου που διεξήχθησαν από το ινστιτούτο  RAND και άλλες δεξαμενές σκέψης είχαν αποδείξει οριστικά ότι το ΝΑΤΟ ήταν ανίκανο για έναν μακρύ πόλεμο φθοράς, ακόμη και οι προσομοιώσεις υστερούν σε σχέση με την πραγματικότητα.


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