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The Hamas-Israel war causes a domino effect - Erdogan "roasts" a new military confrontation with Armenia

So far, there are two main military conflicts worldwide, in Ukraine and the Gaza-Israel Strip.

In particular, the Hamas-Israel war is particularly high risk, with tendencies to develop into a large-scale regional conflict, initially involving Hezbollah-Iran in favour of Hamas and the US in favour of Israel, and if this occurs, the course of subsequent developments is unknown.

However, since it is known that "the wolf rejoices in the face of adversity", it is likely that other hot war fronts which have recently been closed, such as the one between Turkey and Azerbaijan against Armenia, will be opened depending on developments.

Turkish F-16s in a joint exercise with the Azeris in the Nakhchivan-Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Republic

According to the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense, "F-16 fighter jets of the Turkish Air Force arrived in Azerbaijan today to participate in the "Mustafa Kemal Ataturk-2023" exercises

It should be noted that joint tactical exercises "Mustafa Kemal Ataturk-2023" are to be held on October 23-25 in various directions, including the city of Baku, the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and the liberated territories.

At the same time, preparatory training for the joint tactical exercises "Mustafa Kemal Ataturk-2023" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey to be held in Azerbaijan continues.

The Combined Arms Units of the Army that will participate in the exercises came out of their camps and deployed to the areas where they will be exercised, preparing their equipment for combat use.

The joint exercises to be conducted with the participation of soldiers, tanks, tanks, TUMPs, TMAs and aircraft of the two sister countries will focus on ensuring combat interoperability in the interaction of troops, improving management, exchanging experiences and further increasing the professionalism of military personnel 

On the eve of the joint tactical exercises "Mustafa Kemal Ataturk-2023" to be held in Azerbaijan, commando units of the brotherly countries carried out actions, according to the Azerbaijani MoD.

The cruisers carried out a tactical redeployment at night in conditions of limited visibility, carried out an attack and neutralized the sabotage group of the imaginary enemy at their deployment point.

The main objective of the exercises is to improve the tactical skills of the soldiers under conditions of limited visibility and to further increase the combat capability of the commando units.

During the exercises, the cruisers demonstrated a high level of professionalism and successfully completed all tasks

Following the US stop in Turkey-Azerbaijan for a military operation against Armenia, following the occupation of Nagorno Karabakh, with the aim of occupying the southern province of Syunik, through which the Zangezur corridor passes, which will connect Turkey and Nakhchisevan with Azerbaijan and from there via the Caspian Sea with the countries of the "Organization of Turkish States", Erdogan has changed his tactics.

Thus, he tried to approach Iran by luring it, proposing that part of the corridor should pass through Iran and not Armenia, in order to circumvent the US-EU-Armenian opposition.

This move by Erdogan is a major trap for Iran, since even if part of the Zangezur corridor passes through Tehran's territory and is controlled by it, it will nevertheless have long-term negative consequences, since it is known that a significant part of the country's Azeri minority resides in its provinces on the border with Armenia, so the risk of their secession will increase dramatically.

However, the Hamas-Israel war has brought Iran and Turkey closer together against their common enemy which is Tel Aviv, with the result, in our estimation, that there will be Tehran's tolerance towards Ankara on the issue of the Zangezur corridor.

As a result, due to international developments, Armenia is not attracting the attention of the international community at this stage and thus Erdogan and Aliyev are making a move to project military power with the "Mustafa Kemal Ataturk-2023" exercise in order to convince Yerevan to accept their conditions for the opening of the Zangezur corridor.





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