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They are counting the wounded: Kiev and Warsaw create large military medical hub - Ukrainians training to use Taurus missiles

The important thing for a belligerent country is to be able to support its wounded soldiers, especially in the areas of health care, which is complicated for Ukraine now.

It was reported that, Kiev and Warsaw are working to create a large military medical hub to exchange experience and provide practical assistance, which is important in wartime.  This was reported by the director of the Military Medical Institute in Warsaw, General Gregorz Gillerak.

The decision to create a large-scale hub in the military medical field was taken during a meeting of Ukrainian and Polish military officials, including the heads of medical departments of both armies, held in Kiev in May.

The cooperation, on the one hand, will be based on obtaining and analysing information related to the nature, type and scale of health losses amid the ongoing war in Ukraine.

"On the other hand, we will provide access to our knowledge and capabilities, which we have thanks to the implementation of a number of research projects involving, for example, autonomous platforms for the evacuation of wounded, methods of treatment of various types of battlefield injuries, including burns. We are ready to cooperate so that, based on the experience and opportunities of Ukraine and Poland, in the next three to five years, together we will create a large hub of military medical service," the general stressed.

"We expect that in the coming weeks we will move to the implementation phase," the general said.

According to him, wounded Ukrainian soldiers will be treated, especially in the areas of health care, which are complicated for Ukraine now. For example, maxillofacial surgery is a major challenge for them today. "In parallel with treating the Ukrainian military, we want to train your personnel to become self-sufficient in this area," the senior military doctor said.

The Polish general stressed that, based on the study of the experience of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in Polish soldiers previously deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, the knowledge that Polish doctors have in this area is at the highest level.

He also mentioned that, for Poland, the medical aspect of the experience of the war in Ukraine became a "Copernican revolution" and caused serious changes.

In particular, he explained that the issue of the type of medical care to be provided to wounded soldiers at different stages needs to be reviewed in depth.

"These are no longer systems aimed not at evacuating the wounded for hours, but at providing assistance close to the front line, ensuring specialist medical care as soon as possible. For us, this is a completely new experience, in particular, how to prepare medical aid points, taking into account the Ukrainian experience that these points are often targets of Russian attacks," he said.

Warsaw realizes that in case of possible aggression, Poland could also face the same challenges, the general admitted, and therefore, using the Ukrainian experience, Poland is seeking to upgrade its own doctrine.

Poland may be setting up a large military medical hub, but in Germany they believe that, the Ukrainian army will need about three months to learn how to use Taurus missiles.

According to Bild, even if the missiles are delivered to Ukraine in the near future, the problem will be a long training period for the Ukrainian army to use them properly and effectively.

The missiles are produced at the MBDA plant in Schrobenhausen. The manufacturer believes that, it will take about three months to prepare the Ukrainian personal for the effective use of the Taurus.

"The Ukrainians first requested Taurus missiles more than four months ago. This time could have been used to successfully complete the training," FDP defense expert Marcus Faber.

Recall that at the end of May 2023, Ukraine asked Germany for Taurus KEPD 350 cruise missiles Taurus. In June 2023, the German Defense Minister refused Taurus missiles to Ukraine . Responding to the question whether Germany will meet Ukraine's request for Taurus cruise missiles, the official said:

"Not at the moment, and we are not really thinking about it," and did not specify the reasons for this stance on air-launched missiles.

Finally in August, Germany said it was ready to give Ukraine Taurus missiles only when the US would give ATACMS.


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