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The Azeris kill indiscriminately while committing genocide - A Russian soldier was shot by a sniper and killed (Video)

The day before yesterday, a jeep with Russian military personnel led by the deputy commander of the Russian peacekeeping forces in Nagorno-Karabakh, with the rank of Colonel, was shot by Azeris with automatic weapons fire, despite the insignia and Russian signs on it, according to the photo.


Today, Russian defence expert Stlanislav Poznyakov and video, the Azerbaijani armed forces allegedly fired on Russian military personnel in Artsakh.

One Russian soldier was killed and the other is languishing in intensive care. According to the source, the shot was fired by a sniper.


According to Armenian sources, in the last 48 hours, there have been countless reports from Artsakh of atrocities and executions, including of women and children.

They speak of "a stream of horrific videos shared by Azerbaijani channels. These videos show the utter contempt for innocent life and the brutality and intentions of the Azerbaijani army."

"Armenia is ready to receive more than 40,000 people from Nagorno Karabakh," Prime Minister Nikol Pasinyan told a government meeting today, adding that it is not only about housing, but also about food, healthcare and other needs.

He noted, however, that the evacuation of Armenians from Nagorno-Karabakh is not "Plan A". "We must do everything to ensure that our compatriots, residents of Nagorno Karabakh have the opportunity to live in their homes without fear, with dignity and security. And in fact, this was the main emphasis of the discussions in the UN Security Council, on which there was practical consensus, and we should be guided by this logic," Prime Minister Pashinian said.

"We are in constant contact with our partners in Nagorno-Karabakh and as a result of the discussions we had this morning, we can say that there are some hopes for a positive change in the situation. This is the assessment of some of our partners in Nagorno-Karabakh, which we also share, in a way," he added.

Ahead of today's emergency UN meeting, Prime Minister Nikol Pasinyan confidently stated in his official statement that there are no immediate threats to civilians in the region, but it is an irresponsible assessment that was also used by Azerbaijan to shut down any opposition among UN members.

Prime Minister Pasinyan's statement: 'We believe that the people of Nagorno-Karabakh must live in stable, secure conditions. We believe that Armenians in Artsakh should live in decent, safe conditions. Now, at this moment, our assessment is that there is no immediate threat to the civilian population of Nagorno-Karabagh."

The Turkish-Azeris, with excessive arrogance and with the help of Erdogan's Turks, are systematically destroying and exterminating Armenian civilians and infrastructure, churches, monasteries, just as their ancestors did.

Everything indicates that the Azeris will occupy the whole of Artsakh in a blackmailing and barbaric way, and in the future we expect a change of the existing border with Armenia, which has been left to its fate by the whole civilized world.

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