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Bloody positional battles in Ukraine - House-to-house fighting between Ukrainians & Russians for southern Bakhmut (Video)

Kiev continues to assure the Ukrainian population and Western taxpayers that its counter-offensive is proceeding according to plan and that the Ukrainian army will continue its attacks despite the coming rains. However, bad weather, which will undoubtedly complicate any military operations, is not the only problem facing the Ukrainian army. The huge casualties, the lack of victories on the battlefield despite the deployment of strategic reserves and expensive Western heavy equipment, the low morale of the returnee Ukrainian soldiers, who lack the necessary experience and training, have already jeopardised Kiev's plans.

As a result, Kiev's counter-offensive turned into bloody battles for positions. The Ukrainian fronts were plagued by fighting with the initiative of movements passing from one side to the other. As a result, losses in manpower and equipment are increasing on both sides without significant results.

In the south, Ukrainian units continue their efforts to gain footholds in the outskirts of Novomayorskoe and Novodonetskoe. In turn, Russian forces have counter-attacked and have recently regained control of some positions.

Russian commandos also counter-attacked on the western flank near the village of Priyutnoe. They reportedly pushed back Ukrainian units from the Grushevaya girder. Fighting continues a few kilometres north of the village, which complicates the Ukrainian offensive in the Velikaya Novoselka area.

The Ukrainian advance has also been halted south of Orekhov. As a result of another counter-attack, Russian units regained control of some positions near Verbovoe.

Meanwhile, the village of Rabotino remains partly in the grey zone. Ukrainian units are trying to gain footholds in the southern outskirts under heavy fire from Russian artillery and aircraft. In turn, Ukrainian sources speak of heavy Russian casualties in the area.

In an attempt to break through the Russian defences, Ukrainian forces are bypassing the village from the east, but without any results so far. On the morning of September 11, 3 American Bradleys were defeated in the area. Another attack ended with wounded Ukrainians left to die on the battlefield. Some were luckier as several Ukrainian soldiers were reportedly taken prisoner.

In the second main direction of Kiev's counter-offensive, the Ukrainian army has managed to advance slightly in recent days. To the south of Bahmut, in the streets of Kleshchevka, fierce fighting for every house continues. Amid heavy army casualties, the Ukrainian administration has thrown police officers into the bloody fighting there. More and more officially published obituaries confirm heavy casualties in this untrained police brigade.

Ukrainian forces also resumed active offensive operations near Andreevka. Russian troops were recently forced to abandon some of their positions near the railway, but they are still continuing their counter-attacks.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine launched their offensive in the Bakhmut region four months ago, but have yet to achieve any strategically significant victories.


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