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Russian Iskander-K "lightning" struck a command post full of high-ranking Ukrainian commanders-The chronicle of the attack (Video)

According to a report today by the Russian state channel Zvezda, which is run by the Russian Ministry of Defence itself, the Russian army has hit Ukrainian military positions with an Iskander-K cruise missile. 

Speaking about their combat work, the Russian soldiers who carried out the attack described to Zvezda how they hit the window of a Ukrainian command center with the cruise missile they fired, terrorizing the enemy.

We left the shelter for our position. The target was planned, planned by intelligence. Another well camouflaged command center for the Iskander battery, where high-ranking enemy commanders are assembled at the same time every day. 

The Russian command decided to use a cruise missile, the most effective ammunition for such targets. We started to leave our position, quickly. It should be noted that the Iskander cruise missile launch battery does not need to be on a hill or in an open area during the combat use of the weapon. The system works effectively in any area, including forested areas, as in our case.

The enemy is constantly trying to locate our Iskander array. Day and night, using drones, satellite surveillance systems, western radar stations and sabotage teams. Our intelligence officers channel false data to distract the enemy's efforts. The gunners continued their work as normal, since the Ukrainians were never able to detect the actual system.

What happened next is known to the Russian military, however Zvezda did not reveal further details. However, it was said that the target of the attack was a gathering place for high-ranking Ukrainian commanders, who were reportedly in the building at the time of the Iskander-K cruise missile strike.


In other news, the German government is reported to have agreed with Rheinmetall to supply Ukraine with 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles. This was first reported by Ukrainian media service citing the German company.

Initially, Berlin intended to transfer 20 such vehicles from the German army's stock. However, the Germans later changed their minds and decided that the vehicles to be sent to Kiev should be produced almost from scratch, so that there would be reserves for the German army in case of an emergency.

Now Germany decided to double the number from 20 to 40 tanks.

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