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Azerbaijani attack in Armenia - Heavy fire with UAVs and mortars in Sotq - 4 Armenians ΚΙΑ and 1 wounded (Video)

A new attack by the Azerbaijani army on Armenian positions, after propaganda was spread to create a climate before the new unprovoked attack, leading to four dead and one wounded on the Armenian side.

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defence, spreading disinformation at regular intervals on 31 August and thus setting the stage for another provocation, opened intense fire on 1 September, from 07:50, against Armenian positions located in the Sotq region.

At 10:25 the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, in addition to using weapons of different calibres, also used mortars in the direction of Armenian positions located in Sotq.

At the 11:11 update the Armenian side already counted 2 dead and 1 wounded as a result of the Azerbaijani army's firing towards the Armenian positions located in the Sotq region.

At 12:06 the Azerbaijani propaganda spread false information that the Armenian Armed Forces are gathering a large amount of weapons, military equipment and personnel in the Sotq region. By spreading such false information, the Azerbaijani side is creating a basis for continuing the provocativeness that began this morning in the direction of Sotq.

As of 12:25, Azerbaijani Armed Forces units opened fire in the direction of the Armenian positions located in Norabak.

Around 12:50, Azerbaijani Armed Forces units used UAVs and mortars in the direction of Sotq.

At 14:09 the Armenian Ministry of Defense published a video, which clearly shows how the Azerbaijani Armed Forces are gathering additional assets in the direction of Sotq.

At 14:19 the intensity of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces' fire in the direction of the Armenian positions - Sotq and Norabak - decreased. The Ministry of Defense of Armenia is expected to make an additional statement on the situation.

According to new information Armenia counts 4 dead and 1 wounded. The Ministry of Defence will make a statement on the details of the dead servicemen, as well as on the state of health of the injured servicemen later, after informing the families of the servicemen in an appropriate manner.


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