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Russia is under attack! Marine drones raid the strategic port of Novorossiysk inside Russia - Explosions and gunfire are heard (Video)

Reports of gunfire and explosions in Novorossiysk, Russia, with the Russian Ministry of Defense confirming an attempted Ukrainian attack on the naval base of one of the most critical ports within Russia. According to Moscow's claims, the Ukrainian attack with naval drones was averted in time.

Two drones of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that tried to attack the naval base in Novorossiysk were destroyed, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

"Tonight, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attempted to attack the Novorossiysk naval base with two unmanned sea vessels," the ministry said. They were detected and destroyed by Russian ships guarding the external infrastructure of the naval base.

According to the governor of the Krasnodar region, Benjamin Kondratiev, there were no casualties or damage. He thanked the military for their well-coordinated work.

Earlier, information about explosions in the waters of Novorossiysk appeared on the Shot Telegram channel. According to eyewitnesses, it could be the destruction of drones. Emergency services confirmed to RIA NOVOSTI that the city residents appealed to them because of the explosions.

Russian internet users reported in the early morning hours that they heard explosions and gunfire near the port of Novorossiysk, Russia. Videos circulating on social media show ships moving a short distance from the shore as gunfire can be heard from the direction of the sea, and explosions can be seen. Novorossiysk is among Russia's most important ports on the Black Sea.

The official spokesman of the Russian Defence Ministry, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, said on 1 August that Kiev attempted to attack Russian civilian transport ships with drones, which Russian navy ships detected and destroyed in time.

Earlier in the day, the Russian Defence Ministry reported that the Black Sea Fleet patrol ships 'Sergey Kotov' and 'Vasily Bykov' repelled the attack by three Ukrainian drones in the Sevastopol area. All three enemy drones were destroyed by the fire of the Russian ships' tactical weapons. After that, "Sergey Kotov" and "Vasily Bykov" continued to perform their duties.

On August 2, Konashenkov reported that Kiev again attempted to attack a Russian maritime drone ship, which was escorting civilian sea transport in the Black Sea. According to him, "with the professional actions of the crew of the Russian ship, the Ukrainian vessel was immediately discovered and destroyed."

Russian air defense systems destroyed 10 Ukrainian drones that tried to attack Crimean territory, 3 more drones were destroyed by electronic warfare, the Russian Defense Ministry told reporters.

"Tonight the Kiev regime's attempt to carry out a terrorist attack by drones on objects on the territory of the Crimean peninsula was thwarted. 10 drones were destroyed by the air defense on duty. 3 more enemy drones were destroyed with the help of electronic warfare," the ministry said.

They added that as a result of the failed attack on the peninsula, no one was injured and there was no damage.

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