Zvezda - Ρώσοι κομάντος σαρώνουν κτήρια του Μπαχμούτ
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New barrage of Russian air strikes on the Ukrainian front - Russian commandos sweep Bahmut for "forgotten" Ukrainians! (Video)

According to today's Kremlin publication via Zvezda, Russian units of the country's airborne forces are not allowing the Ukrainian army to enter the city's border in the direction of Bahmut.

The Russian Defense Ministry has released a video showing missions of surveillance of abandoned buildings by Russian commandos in an attempt to find hiding places of Ukrainian saboteurs.

Russian special forces are monitoring buildings on the outskirts of the city of Bakhmut on a daily basis. If suspicious movement is detected, Russian paratroopers throw a grenade into the room. If Ukrainian soldiers are spotted in a field or wooded area, their exact location is calculated by Russian reconnaissance means. Then the coordinates are transmitted to the checkpoint to be destroyed. Taking advantage of the element of surprise, the Russian special forces themselves try in the meantime to neutralise the enemy with their individual weapons.

Moscow's paratroopers are daily transmitting important information on the movements of the Ukrainian army, and are relaying location coordinates of Ukrainian equipment and manpower. In order to move safely around the territory of the city, which may be mined by NATO weapons, Russian special forces are said to be marching 'step by step'.

Earlier, the Russian Defence Ministry showed online how repair and recovery units of the country's airborne forces are constantly repairing and improving military equipment in the war zone in Ukraine. For example, Russian engineers change the oil of military vehicles and check the operation of all systems.

In other news, reported by the Russian news service RIA Novosti, the Russian air force launched missile and bomb attacks on concentrations of manpower and equipment of the armed forces of Ukraine in three different directions. This was stated by Vadim Astafyev, head of the press center of the South troop group of the Russian forces.

"The air force of the Southern troop group carried out missile and bomb strikes against concentrated enemy manpower and equipment in the directions of Lysikansk, Soledar-Bakhmut and Aleksandrov-Kalynovsk," he explained. 

According to him, the crew of a Tornado-S multiple rocket launcher struck the command post of the 53rd Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the village of Predtechino. Almost simultaneously, Russian artillery destroyed a Ukrainian ammunition depot near the settlement of Krasnoe, he added.Επιπλέον, κατά την διάρκεια μαχών κατά του ουκρανικού πυροβολικού, ο ρωσικός στρατός κατέστρεψε ένα όχημα μάχης πεζικού των Ουκρανών κοντά στο Μπαχμούτ, ένα αυτοκινούμενο πυροβόλο Gvozdika κοντά στην Κονστανινόβκα, ένα πυροβόλο 122 χιλιοστών τύπου D-30 κοντά στην Maksimilyanovka και ένα ρυμουλκούμενο πυροβόλο 152 χιλιοστών Msta-B κοντά στο χωριό Ostroye.

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