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The Russians went out to "hunt" Leopard tanks: They destroyed 8 German tanks and 3 French AMX-10 in Ukraine!

The Russian military has neutralized 1,500 Ukrainian troops and 8 German-made Leopard tanks, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Tuesday.

"The total losses of Ukrainian troops in the southern region of Donetsk were more than 1,500 Ukrainian soldiers, 28 tanks - 8 of which were German-made Leopard tanks, 3 French-made wheeled AMX-10 light tanks and 109 armored fighting vehicles," he said. the Kremlin.

Poland delivered the first batch of Leopard 2A4 tanks to Kiev on February 24, with deliveries from other partners continuing for several weeks. The 1985 2A4s are some of the oldest tanks in service worldwide today.

Earlier, an Indian military analyst told the prestigious EurAsian Times that the 2A4 model was designed to fight in different conditions, where armored brigades are accompanied by ground infantry units and other support vehicles with strong air support from NATO.

Being a Cold War era tank, Leopard main tanks are not designed to deal with improvised explosive devices, anti-tank guided missiles and kamikaze drones. The 2A4 has an old box-shaped turret, which offers less protection against modern anti-tank missiles.

Meanwhile, a new Ukrainian kamikaze drone, photos of which appeared in Ukrainian media earlier this month, is believed to have been used during the early morning attack in Moscow on May 30.
Photos of the offensive unmanned aerial vehicle show it to be similar to the aircraft developed by the state-owned Ukrainian defense company Ukoroboronprom.

Moscow and several nearby villages and suburbs were attacked by at least 8 drones, damaging several buildings in an incident Russia called a "terrorist attack" and blamed on Kiev.

Although Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for the attacks, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, Mykhailo Podoliak, said Ukraine "enjoys watching such incidents arise," while predicting an increase in such attacks.

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that all of the attacking aircraft were destroyed, with three of them specifically stated to have been "intercepted by means of electronic warfare". In other words, the Russian army managed with special equipment to lose control of the Ukrainian UAVs, as a result of which they could not navigate to their target. The remaining 5 drones were shot down by the Russian Pantsir-S short-range anti-aircraft platform, which has recently come under heavy criticism for its ability to protect Russian assets from enemy drones.

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