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Ukrainian shelling of Belgorod & Bryansk prelude to attack-Test of Russian UCAV Sirius similar to Turkish AKINCI

In the Belgorod region, several people were killed by Ukrainian shelling, Russian media reports, while experts speak of an imminent Ukrainian attack.

"Kiev has formed a strike group of troops for a counterattack in the Zaporizhzhya sector," Vladimir Rogov, head of the We Are Together with Russia public movement, told RIA Novosti.

"The formation of the strike force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the direction of Zaporizhia has been completed. Everything is ready for them, they are waiting for a green light, an order," he said.


Two women were killed during street shelling in the village of Maslova Pristan, Shebekinsky district, by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, reports the Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

"In the Belgorod region, several people lost their lives during the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine," regional head Vyacheslav Gladkov said on his Telegram channel.


He clarified that the Ukrainian army launched an artillery barrage at the same time many settlements in the region. The Armed Forces of Ukraine fired missiles at a section of the road in the village of Maslova Pristan, Shebekinsky District.

Shell fragments hit passing cars. Two women were riding in one of them, they died on the spot from their injuries. There are two victims in the second car," the governor wrote.

According to him, one of the wounded had shrapnel wounds in the chest and the second shrapnel wounds in the lower limbs.

In a serious condition, they were transferred to the city's No. 2 hospital, where the men are provided with all the necessary medical care.

"The Ukrainian army fired 11 artillery shells. Windows were broken in houses, while the main gas pipeline and electric cable were damaged. Emergency services and operational services are at the site of the bombing," the Russian governor added.

The Ukrainians regularly bomb the Belgorod region and other Russian border territories, carry out drone strikes and sabotage.

Thus, the Russian city of Shebekino was also heavily attacked on Thursday night, while massive shelling continued throughout the day.

The Russian inhabitants left the city and its surroundings en masse. From midnight on Thursday. The Ministry of Defense subsequently reported that the Russian military had neutralized more than fifty Ukrainian fighters attempting to invade the Belgorod region.

There are experts who believe that this Ukrainian activity is the prelude to the long-awaited Ukrainian attack.

Two armies, one army corps, five divisions, 26 brigades and two military districts will be formed in the Russian Armed Forces.

This was stated by Russian Lieutenant General Yevgeny Burdinsky, Deputy Chief of the General Staff, in an article published. in the June issue of the Ministry of Defense magazine "Military Commissions of Russia".

“In 2023, it is necessary to provide timely organizational and staffing for the formation of combined arms and air forces, an army corps, the Azov naval district, five divisions and 26 brigades, and the creation of the Moscow and Leningrad military districts. ", the Russian top officer clarified.

At the same time the Russian vice president NT. Medvedev noted the fantastic level of production of military equipment in Russia.

According to him, large-scale work on the formation of the composition of the Armed Forces, the increase in their strength in 2023, as well as the implementation of organizational measures, must be completed in a short period of time.

The Russian Sirius UAV is in test flights. The construction of Sirius is a further development of the Orion project and belongs to the category of long-duration medium-altitude unmanned vehicles.


Many experts report that the new Russian strategic UCAV is quite similar to the Turkish AKINCI, while also hinting at a possible cooperation between Russia and Turkey in this field, with the compensation for Ankara of course.

We may not have hard evidence of this Moscow-Ankara synergy, but the long-standing smoke certainly has fire underneath, and the Russians likely took advantage of Turkish technology to quickly build a UCAV of their own, due of the war in Ukraine.

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