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Fire on Russian ground by Ukrainian tanks - "Loaded" Polish Mi-24 helicopters come to Kiev

For the first time during the conflict, the Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled Russian territory from a tank.

"The Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) for the first time during the conflict shelled the territory of Russia from a tank," according to . According to the available information, the tank was driven to the Ukrainian village of Budarki, located on the border with the Belgorod region of Russia.

Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine opened fire on the southern outskirts in the Volokonovsky district of Belgorod. A total of 12 125mm projectiles were fired, although Russian media reports that no casualties or damage have been reported so far. According to numerous sources, after the bombing, the Ukrainian tank left the area.

This incident is the first case of tank shelling of Russian territory by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Considering that the Armed Forces of Ukraine can use more equipment, this is a serious threat.

Russia's Belgorod region is close to the border with Ukraine, and in light of current events, may be subject to additional bombing.

In recent weeks, there has been an increase in incidents of explosions and fires at refineries in various regions of Russia.

On May 13, residents of the Bryansk region saw two Russian military aircraft and two helicopters being shot down, killing all on board. No explanation has been given for the aircraft failures, although Russian sources claim it was the work of Ukrainian "sabotage".

Also, on the night of May 3, a military airfield in the same district was attacked by five drones, resulting in damage to an An-124 military transport aircraft.

Additionally, a fire broke out at the Il'sk oil refinery in Russia's Krasnodar region, which started in storage tanks containing petroleum products.

In addition, a drone targeted an oil products factory in Russia's Rostov region. On the same day, a drone crashed into the premises of a military unit in the Voronezh region.

Polish Mi-24 attack helicopters expected in Ukraine

In 2014, Poland launched the Kruk (Raven) program to replace the Soviet Mi-24D/V attack helicopters. In December 2020, a tender was announced for the supply of 32 new helicopters, which attracted the interest of five leading manufacturers, including Leonardo, Turkish Aerospace Industries, Airbus Helicopters, Bell Helicopters and Boeing.

As part of the launch of the "special operation" of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, the procurement process was accelerated and the number of helicopters purchased increased. In 2022, the Polish government made its choice in favor of the product of the American company Boeing - AH-64E Guardian, (Apache). Warsaw has announced plans to purchase 96 vehicles of this type.

As expected, after the decision to procure Apache, everything will be transferred to the air force of Kiev.

All Polish MiG-29 fighters in Ukraine

Ukraine's Western allies are increasingly saying that unprecedented military aid to Kiev is gradually depleting their own arsenals, at least of some types of weapons, equipment and ammunition.

However, Polish President Duda announced from Reykjavik at the Council of Europe meeting that Warsaw had handed over to Ukraine almost all of its MiG-29 fighters, which Poland inherited after the collapse of the USSR and the end of the military alliance. of the Warsaw Pact.

At the same time, the Polish authorities will not transfer the American F-16 fighter jets that the Kiev regime so desires to Ukraine, as they have "too few of them."

According to the Polish leader, his country has already provided billions of dollars in aid to Kiev and is generally among the top three in arms supplies and other support to Ukraine. It is worth noting that Duda made such a statement exactly at the summit of the Council of Europe, which was convened to discuss the issue of further assistance to Kiev from the EU countries.

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