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Turkey's "wedge" in Kiev: Take our KHAN ballistic missile - "It has more capabilities"

It is known that Ukrainian President Zelensky, speaking about the destruction of Russian military installations, refers to possible missile attacks in Crimea. In conclusion, Kiev is ready for such actions.

We remind you that Zelensky visited the United Kingdom and met with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. The Ukrainian leader asked the minister for aircraft, but he refused. However, after his visit, Zelensky was able to negotiate the supply of long-range weapons from the United Kingdom.

This may indicate a possible increase in tension in the region, as the use of long-range missiles could lead to a further escalation of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. At the same time, the move underscores the West's continued support for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

In the midst of this situation, Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking at the Victory Parade, as the Russians call it, said that the world is at "a turning point", while underlining that he wants a peaceful world.

In fact, knowing the plans of the West, and especially Britain, to deploy long-range missiles, he warns of a coming world war, in which there will be no winners.

Britain, which prides itself on being ahead of its Western allies in introducing new weapons systems to Ukraine, now appears ready to send long-range missiles to Kiev, something the Biden administration has long denied.

The UK intends to transfer to Ukraine long-range Strom Shadow tactical cruise missiles with a range of up to 250-300 km, as well as Harpoon cruise missiles.

However, no final decision has been made, according to a British official who declined to confirm the type, timing or quantity of the weapon under consideration.

In a negative development for Ukraine, foreign media reports that the United Kingdom may refuse to transfer long-range Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine, as the process of adapting the missiles to new aircraft could take indefinitely.

Defense Express expert Ivan Kirichevski argues that these missiles, although successfully tested in combat, are not the best option for a confrontation with Russia, as they can be shot down by modern Russian missiles.

This suggests that the UK could supply Ukraine with Turkish missiles instead of the Storm Shadow. It is even noted that the Turkish KHAN ballistic missile, which has a range of up to 300 km, may be a more suitable choice for the Ukrainian armed forces, as it has more capabilities compared to the ATACMS.

To point out, Ukraine is already procuring Turkish weapon systems and KHAN long-range missiles can be provided in the shortest possible time, which is a key factor in light of the current situation.

Ukraine has long asked Western nations for longer-range missiles, arguing that such weapons could change the course of the war, allowing its forces to target Russian command centers, supply lines, ammunition and fuel depots deep in Crimea and the Russian territories in the east.

Exactly all this, in all likelihood, will compensate for the insufficient number of the Ukrainian air force. That is, the missile troops and artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be assigned a significantly greater volume of fire missions.

As Kiev prepares to launch a major counteroffensive as soon as within the next few weeks, the ability to strike far behind Russia's front lines would help pave the way for a ground assault with tanks and infantry troops.

The Czech Republic announced the delivery of two arrays of the Kub air defense system to Ukraine.

Czech President Petr Pavel has announced that his country is preparing to transfer to Ukraine two arrays of Kub anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM), with an attached missile arsenal. This decision was taken in the context of increasing military support for Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict.

Petr Pavel emphasized that Ukraine can immediately start operating the supplied complexes, as it has specialists trained to work with this type of military equipment.

Earlier, the Czech Republic has already transferred to Ukraine about 100 tanks, an equal number of armored vehicles, as well as a significant amount of ammunition.

The Czech President also noted that the Czech Republic is able to provide Ukraine with additional resources, not only from its own national reserves, but also from the warehouses of third countries. In this context, the President of the Czech Republic expressed his readiness to consider the possibility of transferring L-159 aircraft to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which can be used for close air support and significantly increase the effectiveness of the Ukrainian counterattack.

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