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The Russian artillery is spreading terror with Russian "Hyacinths"! Moscow Su-34 eliminated foreign mercenaries of the Ukrainian army (Video)

The Russian Ministry of Defense released a video showing the combat work of the crews of the 2A36 Giatsint-B (Hyacinth) 152mm towed guns of the Western Military District, as their gunners carried out firing missions to destroy armored vehicles and Ukrainian fortified positions in the war zone.

So, in one of the directions of the armed conflicts, Russian snipers destroyed hundreds of fortified and camouflaged positions and transport hubs, from which equipment, ammunition, food, communication and command systems were transported to the Ukrainian front line. The arrays of the Russian guns accurately hit the positions of the Ukrainians, the Russian state-run Zvezda reported specifically.

Previously, Russian gunners of self-propelled 2S3 Akatsiya and Grad-M multiple rocket launchers destroyed positions of Ukrainian soldiers with photos of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers in the guns.

According to another Zvezda publication, Russian colonel Sergei Zybinsky, head of the press center of the "West" military group, informed that a Russian Su-34 front-line bomber hit with bombs a gathering point of foreign mercenaries of the Ukrainian forces, near Ivanovka village in Kharkiv region.

Zvezda - Su-34

"The crew of the Su-34 fighter-bomber, using units that correct and improve the course of aerial bombs, hit the point of temporary formation of foreign mercenaries in the area of the Ivanovka settlement," Zybinsky said.

He added that the fighters of the "West" group opened fire and also destroyed two groups of saboteurs and scouts of the Ukrainian army in one day. At the same time, the Russian army managed to block three attempts to move Ukrainian military units to the front line of the settlements of Timkovka, Kislovka and Novomlynsk.

Earlier, Russian Su-25 attack aircraft destroyed camouflaged fortified positions of soldiers in the war zone. After launching rockets, they maneuvered and then returned to their runways. The technical staff of the airports prepared the aircraft for their next missions.


As for the aforementioned Su-34, this type of fighter-bomber often carries out combat missions against positions of Ukrainian soldiers and foreign mercenaries in the war zone. Among their tasks, advanced Su-34s cover Russian air force forces from Ukrainian air defense systems and enemy anti-aircraft weapons in general.

The Su-34 entered service in 2014 with the Moscow Aerospace Forces, primarily to replace the Su-24 Fencer fighter. In essence, the Su-34 (Fullback in NATO) is a continuation of the development of the Su-27 Flanker.

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