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Defeat of the Turks- An entire street in Bakhmut with damaged Turkish KIRPI armored vehicles

A "road of death" of abandoned Turkish-made armored Kirpi appeared in the area of Bahmout, along with a large number of equipment of various types.

The Russians, however, present the Turkish armored vehicles (which the Erdogan regime advertises from time to time), which were seriously damaged not by aircraft and guns but by the fire of Russian soldiers.

Turkish armored vehicles were used in Bakhmut to transport fighters of the Ukrainian armed formations.

"Many special armored vehicles of Turkey's BMC company were left as ghosts in the mud. From their appearance, it is difficult to understand why they were abandoned, battered and stuck in the impassable mud.

We have already written that the Kirpi, like other vehicles of the MRAP class, are not well adapted to the conditions prevailing in Ukraine", emphasizes an expert.

Turkish armored vehicles in particular are heavy and cumbersome, (their weight reaches 16,000 kg and they are 4x4 vehicles).

Turkish armored personnel carriers were built to perform patrol duties, as they did, for example, in Syria.

Such armored vehicles are capable of carrying up to fourteen people. The power of the diesel engine is 370 hp. The maximum speed on asphalt is 100 km/h. Range - 800 km, while 12.7mm or 7.62mm machine guns are mounted.

In total, delivery of 200 KIRPI to Ukraine was reported.

"Previously, there have already been losses of such vehicles, which, as it turned out, not only have poor maneuverability, but also a tendency to ignite when hit by anti-tanks," he concludes.

This is a defamation of the Turkish armored vehicle, which has been procured by some countries in the Caucasus and the Middle East.

The same happened to BAYRAKTAR which failed miserably according to a Czech former A/GED

In an interview with the former Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Republic, General Jiří Šedivý, we also learned about the performance of the Turkish Bayraktar in Ukraine.

"They have completely stopped talking about Turkish Bayraktars, as if they no longer fly on the battlefield at all.

It is only now becoming apparent, and the Ukrainians themselves admit it, that the Turkish UAVs have already been de facto completely eliminated, as the Russians are already using electronic systems to limit unmanned vehicles.

There is a lot of talk about the Iranian Shahid attack drones, which the Ukrainians manage to shoot down with considerable success.

But few people realize that these are only decoys so that real missiles can penetrate the territory of Ukraine behind them.

"Even if the Ukrainians shoot down ten Iranian drones, one or two missiles penetrate the Ukrainian air defense," he emphasizes.

The Turkish defense industry hoped that after the Nagorno/Karabakh war, it would sell a lot of weapons especially to the Caucasus countries, but this did not materialize. The Russians, although they have warm friendly relations with Ankara, took care to destroy the Turkish weapons, since they want to control this region themselves, giving their own weapons systems.



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