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Greece also gave Stinger missiles to Ukraine-The possibility of EAS involvement in the supply of ammunition is being considered

The Ukrainian Minister of Defense Oleksii Reznikov has gone on a search for war material as, according to reports, Kiev is preparing for its own spring counter-offensive. In this context, the Ukrainian minister, after passing through Bulgaria, came to Greece and will then go to Cyprus. His goal is to "collect" anything of Russian technology as well as heavy tanks.

The TOR M1, the OSA, the S-300, the KORNET anti-tank and also tanks were requested with the Ukrainians "photographing" the Leopard A6.

The Greek Minister of National Defense Nikos Panagiotopoulos in his address stated among other things: "From the first day, Greece sent humanitarian aid and offered the military assistance it could offer. We have contributed to Ukraine and the Ukrainian Armed Forces so that you can defend your homeland.

We applied all the sanctions imposed on the invader, despite the significant cost to our country, and we do not regret it.

We condemned Russia's illegal action against the sovereign state of Ukraine. It was a clear act of aggression, as well as a clear violation of International Law, your territorial integrity, and your sovereign rights. It is undoubtedly a threat to world peace and stability.

Our reaction to the Russian invasion was swift and decisive, as we have a very clear and firm stance against any kind of revisionism, whether it is questioning basic rules governing the international legal order, or whether it is expressed by attempting to change internationally recognized borders and change the status quo.

Our fundamental pursuit must be the protection of the international legal order, primarily based on international law and the principles of good neighborliness. However, our immediate goal is to continue to provide you with assistance in the battle for your territorial integrity."

In his speech, General Konstantinos Floros announced that, in addition to the BMP-1, artillery shells and bullets, Ukraine has also been given STINGER anti-aircraft missiles: "We have proven our solidarity with actions by already providing 72 tons of humanitarian aid and 3,870 tons of military material. And, we will continue to do so. As you know, we have already provided STINGER missiles and launchers, rockets, artillery ammunition, rifle ammunition, as well as BMP infantry fighting vehicles. We are also ready to transfer, in coordination with the International Donation Coordination Center (IDCC), another shipment of BMP-1s, HE 73mm Rockets, artillery ammunition and rifle ammunition."

The fact is that sooner or later the Russian weapon systems will face an issue with their maintenance as due to the relations with Russia it is very doubtful if there will be in the near future a supply of spare parts on the one hand and on the other hand if they are not replaced by corresponding weapon systems from the West sources are not going to be released and given to Ukraine. In addition there is what is called an end user license. In other words, in order for these Russian weapon systems to leave for Ukraine, permission must be given from Moscow, which is of course as likely as aliens landing in Syntagma Square.

Regarding the Leopard A6 tanks, Athens' position is that it cannot provide anything that would negatively affect the country's defense arrangement, especially heavy tanks.

However, Athens, because it realizes that Washington wants its allies to strengthen Kiev in every way, is trying to find solutions. The meeting that Nikos Panagiotopoulos had on April 3rd with Senator Rick Scott, a member of the Senate Defense Affairs Committee, is not at all irrelevant.

According to well-informed sources who spoke to Pentapostagma, the Ministry of National Defense is trying to find a way to involve "Hellenic Defense Systems" SA in the case of supplying Ukraine with ammunition.

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