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Erdoğan's amercement to the Libyan Government-Libya's central bank donated 8 billion dollars to Turkey

The Central Bank of Libya in Tripoli deposited $8 billion with the Central Bank of Turkey with no interest reported.

This was published on a Libyan state website raising big questions about a plan to grab the wealth of this country by the Turks.

The deposit of this large amount has no justification, some purchase for example of military material from the Turkish defense industry, while it shows in the most obvious way, the dependence of the Libyans of the western side on Sultan Erdogan, who takes a head tax from them like the Ottomans many years ago.

For this matter, Libyan Marshal Khalifa Haftar urgently called the Ambassadors of France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Turkey to his headquarters in Benghazi.

There he probably explained to them exactly how things are while he made them responsible for the actions of the illegitimate (its term has expired), the government of the Turkish Libyans of Deyba.

The 8 billion dollar Libyan baxisi in Turkey had materialized once again in 2020

With a scheme of time deposits with a period of about 4 years, without any return, called "zero deposits", Libya had re-deposited $ 8 billion in the Central Bank of Turkey in 2020, with no return of course.

These deposits, according to the agreement signed between the then leader Al-Sarraj and Erdogan, were to remain in the Turkish banks for 4 years, without interest or cost, but instead the Turks borrowed another 8 billion dollars from Libya and barren.

According to the Libya Review "there was a directive from 2020 to direct all Libyan financial credits to Turkish banks and to transfer Libyan funds and deposits held in European banks to Turkish banks".

In short, Erdogan wanted Libya hostage to Turkish Banks for some drones and weapons he gave them, as well as help against Haftar in 2020.

These actions had drawn sharp criticism in the Libyan House of Representatives, headed by Aguila Saleh in Tobruk, which does not accept Deyba.

MP Mesbah Douma had complained to the Egyptian newspaper Youm 7 that it is necessary "to change the board of directors of the central Bank of Libya" because otherwise "the mafia governments will continue to steal the wealth of the Libyan people".

The MEP also referred to the ongoing unrest in the Libyan oil market and in this regard showed his support "in the process of closing the oil fields instead of looting their revenues for the benefit of the countries sponsoring the war in Libya", with a clear allusion to Turkey .

Douma asserted that "the Mafia of the North", as he called the Deiba government, had exhausted the resources of the southern regions, which are controlled by the rival faction, the National Liberation Army (LNA) commanded by Major General H. Haftar.

To all this we must add the intention of the Turks to drill in areas of the Libyan EEZ without Haftar's consent.

Erdoğan, with the tolerance of the USA, is even preparing for a military intervention targeting the Libyan fields.

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