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Syria: Israeli airstrike on Damascus suburbs - 8 civilians were killed in an exchange of fire between the army and jihadists

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Israel carried out a raid against Syrian military targets last night in response to earlier rocket launches, the Israeli armed forces announced.

The statement said it hit "military infrastructure of the Syrian army".

Late yesterday, Monday, five rockets were fired from Syrian territory, according to the same source.

Warplanes also struck Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, the Israeli armed forces added.

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The Syrian Defense Ministry said an Israeli airstrike in the early hours of Tuesday (2/1/24) against positions in Damascus suburbs from the direction of the Golan Heights caused material damage, according to the official Syrian news agency SANA.

Meanwhile, eight civilians, including a woman and her daughter, were killed and 19 others wounded on Monday (1/1/24) in exchanges of fire between the Syrian army and the main anti-regime faction in northwestern Syria, a non-governmental organization said.

The exchanges of fire involved President Bashar al-Assad's army and Hayat Tahrir let Sham (HTS), the former al-Qaeda arm in Syria.

"An elderly man, a woman and her daughter were killed and 10 other civilians were wounded in a HJT shelling in the communities of Noble and Zahra, a sector of Aleppo province controlled by the Syrian regime," the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.


The HTS is the strongest jihadist and rebel organisation in north-western Syria, where other, less powerful rebel organisations are also present, more or less supported by Turkey. The insurgents control about half of Idlib province and adjacent sectors of neighbouring provinces, notably Aleppo.

In retaliation, the Syrian army bombed residential areas in the town of Darat Isa, a jihadist-controlled sector in the same province, killing three civilians and wounding nine others, according to the NGO.

According to the same source, a bakery, an Islamic mosque, a power station and a popular market were hit.

Two more civilians were killed when regime artillery shelled the village of Burj Haidar, always in the same province.

On 26 December, five members of the same family, all civilians, were killed in Russian strikes in Idlib province, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Russia, the main ally of President Bashar al-Assad's regime, which intervened militarily in Syria's war in 2015, conducts frequent air strikes against rebels and jihadists in the northwestern part of the country.

In Idlib province, a ceasefire agreement brokered by Russia and Turkey is being implemented as Damascus prepared to launch a large-scale offensive in March 2020. But the agreement is frequently violated.

The armed conflict in Syria, which erupted in 2011, in the midst of the so-called Arab Spring, triggered by the bloody repression of demonstrations demanding the democratisation of the country, claimed the lives of over half a million people and turned millions more into internally displaced persons and refugees. Gradually, with the support of its main allies, the Russian army, Iranian forces and pro-Iranian factions, Damascus regained most of the territory it had lost control of.

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