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Dita: This is the newer self-propelled howitzer of Czech Republic

Dita is a Czechian self-propelled howitzer, that has as a base model the DANA M2. The biggest difference is that Dita features an automatic turret. The Czechian system was developed by Excalibur Army and was revealed in 2021.

One interesting fact is that the vehicle has a turret and its transfer vehicle is wheeled. So, the final product is a wheeled self-propelled howitzer and not a tracked system, like most of this kind. Only Czech has designed something similar (DANA) and proved decent.


The gun of Dita is 155mm/L45 with a maximum range of 39km. But, with precision shells, the gun can reach targets at a distance of 50km.

The turret can move 60 degrees and has a maximum rate of fire at 6 rounds per minute.

In total, 40 shells are carried with the basic weapon.

The vehicle features an armored cabin, capable of protecting the crew of two, from small ammunition. Don't expect much: piercing rounds of 5.56 or 7.62mm can get through the armor. 

The system only requires a crew of two, because most of its systems are fully automatic. But, there is a special room for a third crew member in the turret, if the mission requires it.

Last, Tatra T3C-928090 turbocharged engine is located in the vehicle and develops 400hp.



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