Toyota shuts down production in Japan! What does that mean?

The huge Toyota company will stop production in its 11 Japanese factories due to the negative effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to Toyota's announcement, the company will pause all of its 19 production lines in its 11 Japanese factories until February 1.

Due to the shortage in specific parts, the pause will lead to the delayed production of more than 94,000 vehicles. Some of these cars will be the Corolla, Prius, and Land Cruiser models.

Daihatsu, which is a part of Toyota, announced that it will shut down some of its facilities too.

The Impact

In general, Toyota's vehicles like its trucks, are key vehicles of many armed forces in Asia. Especially in Mid-East, these vehicles are impressively popular as locals arm them with machine guns and operate them as military vehicles. 

These vehicles are also been selected from African Armies due to their endurance and their reliability. With the pause of production, an important shortage will appear in such armies. 


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