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Lack of knowledge and intelligence constitute a threat to humanity

On September 22,2023 a strange event took place in the house of Commons of Canada,an event that should create concern to humanity.In the presence of Prime Minister Trudeau and Ukrainian President Zelenskyy,a Ukrainian war veteran from WWII ,Yaroslav Hunka,was allowed to be present in Parliament during the address of the Ukrainian President.The request was submitted by the son of Yaroslav to the Speaker,Anthony Rota,who was also the member of Parliament for Hunka’s district.The Speaker mentioned the following in the House:”We have here in the chamber today a Ukrainian Canadian war veteran from the Second World War who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians and continues to support the troops even at his age of 98.He is a Ukrainian hero,a Canadian hero and we thank him for all his service.”After Rota’s praise the chamber gave two standing ovations to Hunka ,which Zelenskyy and his wife also joined.

The question that arises is the following.All members of the House are supposed to be highly educated with University degrees,including the Prime Minister Justine Trudeau.All the members of Parliament should have known from their high school years that in 1943 the Soviet Union was an ally of the USA and of Great Britain and consequently that if Hunka was fighting against the Russians then he was on the side of Nazi German.And of course he was in the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Galician-abbreviated as SS Galiziem-a military formation of Nazi Germany.When this became public knowledge an enormous furor was created in Ottawa and Trudeau obliged the Speaker to step down.Had one member of the House informed the Speaker that Hunka was fighting with Nazi Germany ,the whole issue and scandal would have been avoided and Canada would have maintained its respectability.It is shocking to see that nobody,not even the Prime Minister allowed their mental facilities to function properly and to prevent making Canada a global laughingstock. Of course propaganda played a role in blinding the Canadian lawmakers since anything Russian had negative connotations.In some western countries even Russian classical music was banned.And to make things worse members of the house started asking for the resignation of the Prime Minister instead of resigning themselves since they were all equally responsible.

In Germany Dr.Franziska Brandter member of parliament of the Green Party made the following statement on the 18th in the Bundestag.” Even if a German citizen,a German national,should not be literate,they have all the possibilities to be in the German Bundestag,because we should not rely on the requirement for anyone to have any kind of educational qualification.This is the place of Democracy,because this Bundestag represents the people.” Can one imagine the dangers posed by an illiterate Parliament?

Another example of lack of intelligence was shown by the EU when it adopted sanctions against Russia after hostilities started in the Ukraine.Under the pressure of Washington,the EU was pushed to adopt immediately sanctions against Moscow without being allowed to examine eventual repercussions of the sanctions on the member-states.As a result energy prices increased,the cost of living went up everywhere in the EU and the population started suffering from inflation that became uncontrollable thus increasing poverty.The effects on the Russian population were minimal.

One last example that constitutes a threat to humanity is included in the final report of the Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States which was released on October 12.The central point of the 145 page report is that the USA must expand its military power particularly its nuclear weapons modernization program in order to prepare for possible simultaneous wars with China and Russsia.This is a case of lack of intelligence,not knowledge.The authors of the report are supposed to be highly educated professors,analysts ,members of think tanks,so consequently they do not lack knowledge but unfortunately they lack intelligence because with this report they are preparing psychologically the US citizens for the worst which is a nuclear was with Russia and China followed by a nuclear holocaust which few will survive.”The risk of military conflict with those major powers has grown and carries the potential for nuclear war” mentions the report.

In conclusion it is not climate change that is threatening the existence of humanity as is lack of knowledge and intelligence.The only remedy to that is to enhance the global educational system in a way that knowledge will be remembered within human mental facilities and thus increase intelligence ,hopefully of the politicians.

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