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War fatigue in the West

Less and less we are hearing in the western media about the military conflict in the Ukraine as war fatigue seems to be prevailing in the west .And no wonder since all the money and weapons that have been sent to Kiev did not have any practical results in the outcome of the military operations.The much advertised Ukrainian offensive failed as the war continues.War fatigue is being felt in Ukraine as many of its cities are being constantly bombed by Russia and according to Ukrainian sources the total fatalities from the outset of the hostilities have reached about 310.000 soldiers(The UK lost 382.000 soldiers in WWII).

The amount of assistance that the principle western countries have send to Ukraine is incredible.The United States for the period from January 24,2022 to May 31 2023 has given $76,8 billion,according to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy.This amount consists of 3.9 billion in humanitarian assistance,26.4 billion in financial assistance and 48,6 billion in military assistance which includes all kinds of heavy weapons,missiles ,drones,anti aircraft systems including one patriot etc.The EU institutions have given $30 billion in humanitarian and financial assistance,and the UK and Germany a total of $11 billion each, including military assistance.We don’t include here the other 49 countries that have given military assistance to Kiev.With all this aid it was expected by the donors that Ukraine’s war effort could have been more effective .But that was not to be,the basic reason being corruption.

In a recent poll made by the international institute of Sociology of Kiev and USAID 89% of those Ukrainians interviewed consider that corruption is the second serious problem after the war,while 77.6% believe that Zelenski is directly responsible for corruption in the army and in the government.This study in which 13000 Ukrainians participated was published at the same time that Zelenski fired all the heads of the regional recruiting military centers for corruption.It should be reminded that the president of the Ukrainian Supreme Court Vsevolod Knyazev was arrested on May 18 for receiving bribes of 3 million USD

In view of this frustrating situation for the western aims,more noise is being heard for peace negotiations and that the war must end.On August 5 and 6 a conference was held in Saudi Arabia in which more than 30 countries participated but Russia had not been invited.Nothing came out of these discussions since the Zelenski proposals were discussed which anticipate the withdrawal of all Russian troops from Ukraine.Chancellor Scholz in an interview that he gave to ZDF came out in favor of international negotiations to resolve the Ukrainian crisis as soon as possible while Michael Kretchmer the Premier of Saxony in an interview to Spiegel on August 13 was against giving to Kiev long range Taurus missiles that could hit Russia.

At the same time the people of Europe are also reacting to the continuation of hostilities in Ukraine since this is the reason for price increases in basic goods and inflation because of the measures imposed upon Russia that have negative effects on the economies of the Europe.The negative attitude of the citizens increases pressure to their governments to opt for a negotiated solution. Recently French philosophers made an appeal which was entitled “no to the suicidal road towards a war of total destruction,”an appeal that is getting signatories even outside of France. But more popular reaction by the citizens of Europe is

needed who must exercise pressure on their governments by any means to stop this war for the benefit of humanity and not to start others in Africa (Niger) that would have devastating result for the local population and even create a new wave of refugees to Europe.And speaking about Niger there was much anger with the EU and its double standards.After Niger cut off the transmissions to that country of RFI and France 24 ,the EU spokesperson made the following statement:”The EU considers unacceptable the suspension of RFI and France 24 in Niger .This measure is a serious attempt to the right of information and the freedom of expression.The EU condemns in the most firm manner these violations of fundamental freedoms.” But when the EU prohibited Russia today and Sputnik in the member states it was all right and there were no violations of fundamental freedoms.This demonstrates the lack of seriousness that exists in a collapsing EU.

In conclusion,for the benefit of humanity,negotiations must start for a compromise to end the conflict.These can be organized by the Secretary General of the UN who has not be doing much in resolving this issue (with the exception of the grain deal).And if the USA does not want peace negotiations then the EU must acquire its independence from Washington and follow the road for a peaceful conclusion of the conflict.

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