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N. Dendias: We will bring from the USA the Greek professor who trained the Turkish manufacturer S. Bayraktar for our drones

An important revelation was made by the Minister of Defense, Mr. Dendias, speaking to the Parliament about the field of unmanned attack aircraft.

The minister made a confession about the Greek professor who trained the well-known Turkish manufacturer of unmanned aircraft in the US, whose presence in our country will dramatically upgrade the possibilities of manufacturing modern drones.

In his rebuttal, the minister stated: "We do not aspire to build a sixth generation fighter. We know what we can do, we can be great at so many things. And you will allow me to tell you, because the drones or as Mr. Sarakis very correctly said with a Greek expression before, the professor of Mr. Bayraktar, was a Greek professor and the two professors of the specific chair, at the specific university were Greek professors. And we will invite him, contacts are already being made, the Greek human capital abroad to help us with this.

We can do miracles, but we will have to join forces to do those miracles, and this requires joint effort.

And in the staffing of this Center there will be no party, government, or political prioritization. There will be joint recruitment, so that we can achieve the best, through the excellent human resources that we have both at home and abroad.

This can be done through an intermediary body that we will recommend, the Hellenic Center for Defense Innovation. It is a system absolutely proven to have worked. If I can put it to you descriptively, the Staffs articulate their needs. The specific Center announces them and finances the construction of prototypes. As strange as it may seem to you, the money is there.

It is one of the few sectors where there is funding from both European programs and money that is already available to us. Prototyping, as long as it serves the needs of the Armed Forces, is funded from there and I think you've seen how that worked in the case of Israel.


Iron Dome, the anti-aircraft dome is a product of this process. Of course, I am at your disposal to explain in detail how this will work and what financial tools are absolutely available for this.

From then on, the existing Greek defense industry must be cleaned up. We divide it into two sections, the state and the non-state. As far as the state part is concerned, there has already been a major intervention in the ODA. I want to be clear to you. Without the EAB there is no possibility for the Hellenic Air Force to operate", he emphasized among others.


The plan to create killer Greek drones

There are Greek engineers, professors and experts working and living abroad who can help us build high-level offensive drones that will not only compete with the Turkish ones, but also surpass them.

Two Greek UAVs that the Turks will now fear - ARCHYTAS and GRYPAS will change the facts on the islands and the Aegean

According to information, the Greek drone ARCHYTAS, which will be the "long arm" of the Frigate Command, is already starting tests, while GRYPAS will be ready ahead of schedule.

Journalistic information states that the UAV "Archytas" will begin aerial tests in the next period, according to the plan of the EAB, and within the current quarter, we will also have its industrial production line put into operation.

The Greek drone ARCHYTAS, after the end of the tests, will probably be the "long arm" of the Frigate Command

The Greek-made unmanned aerial vehicle has a flight range of 2 hours, and can carry out surveillance, business support, and communications relay missions.

We will be able to detect, from a relatively long distance, enemy unmanned surface vessels in cooperation with the surface radars of our ships, like the ones the Turks have and are already using.

The first purely military GRYPAS drone to target and operate on Asia Minor coasts

"Grypas" is in the design phase and very soon we will see the first prototype, which will also carry its similar armament to be able to carry out long-distance missions, perhaps even as far as Cyprus, according to some other sources.

The funds are already running while the special staff has fallen on their faces to implement the whole program within the schedules.

In any case, the Greek universities that will be involved in the design and the ODA, have put on the table and are analyzing the characteristics of all existing armed drones and will proceed according to the funds that will be available and the technical capabilities that will be available when it's time for mass production.

The Armed Forces of the country will have another tool in their hands, capable of changing the balance in this part of the business for the benefit of the country.

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