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Under American pressure, 18 EU countries, among them Greece, will send tons of 155 mm artillery shells to Ukraine

The pressure of the US and NATO has found a profitable ground in Europe, which is paying the war in Ukraine very dearly as it seems, while after rejecting the Chinese peace plan in principle, we see that the war has a future and a long duration.

It is not enough that we have had an unprecedented energy crisis, and a price crisis (ongoing) of all products and services for a year, now we will continue to fuel the war in Ukraine.

The European Defense Agency (EDA) gathered 18 countries, including our country, for the joint supply of ammunition to Ukraine.

This move was decided at the last meeting of the defense ministers of the alliance, in which Europe pledged to help in practice.

Eighteen nations signed on Monday the European Defense Agency (EDA) project agreement on the collective procurement of munitions to help Ukraine and replenish member states' national stockpiles.

The project paves the way for EU member states and Norway to proceed along two paths: either a two-year, fast-track process for 155mm artillery shells and a seven-year project to acquire multiple types of ammunition.

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden and Norway have signed the relevant decision.

More Member States have already expressed their intention to join the initiative soon after national procedures.

“The Collaborative Munitions Procurement project was created in record time by EDA to respond to the call to procure munitions collectively and faster by bringing together, coordinating and agreeing contracts with the European defense industry.

The EDA's work provides a solid framework for member states' intent to jointly procure urgently needed ammunition for Ukraine.

This project sends a clear message to industry and reinforces EU support for Ukraine following Russia's war of aggression.

Joint procurement is the best option to achieve cost reductions from economies of scale, while allowing member states to purchase ammunition according to their national needs and supporting Ukraine," the statement said.

Head of the Agency, HRVP, Joseph Borrell said: “Today, we are taking a step forward. We are fulfilling our promises to provide Ukraine with more artillery ammunition.

With today's signature, 18 countries have signed up to pool orders and submit them with industry through the European Defense Agency.

The Ukrainian authorities have been clear about their needs and this EDA project is part of the EU's response. By jointly procuring through the EDA framework and mobilizing financial support from the European Peace Fund, we will deliver to Ukraine increasingly quickly. We are again breaking a taboo and unlocking the potential of EU cooperation in joint procurement."

What will be the procedure for the supply of artillery shells to Ukraine

Ahead of the informal meeting of the Council of Defense Ministers, held in Stockholm on March 7 and 8, the head of the EU Defense Agency, Z. Borrell, defined three additional routes for the delivery of more artillery ammunition to Kiev for faster delivery.
Its purpose is:

A. Assist Member States in shipping such ammunition from national stocks or from backorders;

B. In the demand for aggregate demand that EU member countries proceed to collective procurement of 155 mm projectiles.

C. The main emphasis will be on strengthening the production capacity of the European defense industry.

Member States can make use of the European Peace Fund (EPF), the EU's off-budget instrument to support the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP).

EDA has been working since November 2022 in three areas for joint procurement: munitions, soldier equipment systems and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear equipment, building on the work of the Joint Defense Team with Member States to identify the most their critical deficiencies.

The Cooperative Ammunition Procurement project provides a seven-year framework for member states to jointly procure multiple types and calibers of ammunition (5.56 mm to 155 mm) to replenish national stockpiles.

EDA CEO Jiří Šedivý said: “This is an important moment for EU support to Ukraine, European defense cooperation and EDA. The availability of ammunition, as well as related stockpiles, is a critical shortfall that affects the readiness of member states' armed forces and their ability to fulfill their missions while, at the same time, supporting Ukraine."

The war in Ukraine is costing the EU very dearly, which is "bleeding" literally, while every peace effort falls into the void.

The US has invested billions of dollars in Ukraine and in the event of a Ukrainian defeat we will see turmoil on the American continent.

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