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Rama is flagrantly ignoring Beleri's innocence and we are training Albanian commandos in urban warfare

The Greek mayor of Himara, Freddy Beleris, is waiting patiently to be released from prison after revelations from his key prosecution witness who said he was bribed by the Albanian police to bear false witness against him.    

Despite the confession of the key witness and its examination by the Tirana Prosecutor General's Office, Edi Rama's Albanians are stalling, and have set the trial of Fredi Beleri and Pantelis Kokavesi for 5 December.

Today, at the request of both the prosecution and the defence, Avdyl Rama, the brother of the main prosecution witness, was called to testify, but he did not appear at the trial and is supposedly out of the country.

While the Albanian political and judicial authorities are mocking our country, we are training the Albanians in urban warfare within the framework of bilateral military cooperation. 

From 13 to 17 November 2023 and within the framework of the Military Cooperation Program (MCP) between Greece and Albania for the year 2023, the training of 1 Officer and 28 Non-Commissioned Officers of the Albanian Armed Forces on "Operations in Urban Environment" was held at the National Standard Training Center for Urban Combat Training (NTCTCTC) of the 71 Airborne Brigade (71 A/M TAX "PONTOS").

The training among others included Rapid Reaction Combat Shots, as well as actions of the Platoon during day and night operations in a populated place.

These were agreements within the framework of NATO, but given the attitude of Tirana, we could at least postpone them, and we could also make various excuses, including the war in Gaza and the migrant flows to our islands.

We cannot understand why we have to train Albanian commandos in urban warfare operations when the attitude of that country and especially of Rama is extremely anti-Hellenic?

Our country fully respects international laws and cooperates for Albanians living in Greece, while the Albanian side flagrantly ignores even the most basic legal rules. 

Just for the record, we recall that the members of the Albanian police who had executed the North Epirote Katsifa were trained in our country.

What is known is that the Albanians, with the assistance of foreign powers, are stalling the referral of the issue of sharing the EEZ with Greece, expressing irredentist ambitions for Greek territories, and docking Turkish submarines and warships at the Pasaliman base.

What is most infuriating is that they take Greek support for EU membership for granted, only to have received the first slap recently, with more to come.

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