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"Game changer'' in the Aegean - We officially participate in the construction of Corvettes through PESCO for the Greek Navy

First PENTAPOSTAGMA.GR had reported from 2019, the participation of Greece in the European Corvette construction program in Greek shipyards, through the PESCO program, which concerns the common defense policy of EU countries with European funds.  

Yesterday, this procedure was posted in "Diavgeia" (Φ6-71K, F.800/98510/S.15607/12 SEP 2023/GDOSY/DOIOI/TM.PROM. 12/09/2023 03:00:00. 14, 9K1Φ6-21H, 12/09/2023 15:11:40), and is now an official DoD action for participation in the European Modular and Multirole Patrol Corvette (MMPC) program.

Greece currently has 13 frigates and 19 fast boats compared to Turkey's 16 (which builds modern warships), with this program being a huge opportunity to transfer know-how, as the Elefsina shipyards have the capability after building the Rousseauc class TPCs.

Our country, through this programme, which concerns the creation of a European defence mechanism, has a great opportunity to upgrade its ability to build warships with European funds, while also acquiring the so-called "critical" technology that will "accompany" them.

We have 4 MEKO 200 Frigates ( awaiting Middle Life Modernization), while it is awaiting delivery of Three French Belhara Frigates.

Our country, with its participation in the PESCO operational programmes, has the possibility to benefit financially from the above programmes. We are talking about huge funds from the European Defence Fund and the Programme for the Development of the Defence Industry, which we as a country can take advantage of, at a time when the Greek defence budget is under pressure, while the cost and technological complexity of weapon systems is increasing geometrically.

The Greek defence industry can benefit through the planned participation of small and medium-sized enterprises in EU co-funded projects.

What the new Corvette will look like through PESCO  
With a maximum length of 110 meters, a displacement of 3,300 tons, helicopter transport capability and armament consisting of a vertical surface-to-air missile launching system, this new type of European Corvette will be the "key" to developments in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean amidst truly huge energy projects.

We say in the Aegean, because it is likely that the new frigates we will be equipped with will be able to carry out missions in the deep waters of the Eastern Mediterranean, where the gas pipeline from India-Saudi Arabia to Greece-EU, which the Turks have already targeted, is likely to be implemented.

The EU's versions of the Corbettas will be as follows:
Α. The version for naval patrol missions aimed at satisfying Italian and Spanish requirements.
Β. The long range version for France, which also seeks a high speed ship.

Γ. The combat version exclusively for Greece, which will have a flexible modular armour capability in order to adapt to new conditions, in terms of naval platforms and combat systems.

The Greek Navy wants a high speed Corvette version which is expected to have a CODAD (COmbined Diesel And Diesel) propulsion system ensuring a maximum speed of 28 knots.

Three or Six new Corvettes of this type in the Greek Navy force, equipped with anti-ship and surface-to-air missiles and high horsepower, will enable dominance over the Turkish Navy in a closed sea like the Aegean, "freeing" the new Frigates for strategic missions anywhere.

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