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Indian landing east of Crete - Co-training of the Indian destroyer with the frigate NIKIFOROS FOKAS - A message in the Mediterranean (Pictures)

The strengthening of relations between Greece and India continues with undiminished intensity, as an Indian destroyer was found east of Crete for joint training with the frigate NIKIFOROS FOKAS, sending a clear message to Turkey, at a time of feverish actions with Pakistan.


"During the co-training, communication, electronic warfare and advanced maneuvering objects were executed," the Joint Chiefs of Defence said in a statement.

The statement of the Joint Chiefs of Defence:

"On Saturday, July 29, 2023, and in the framework of the planning of the General Staff of the Armed Forces with regard to international cooperation of the Armed Forces, a PASSEX (Passing Exercise) of the Frigate (F/G) NIKIFOROS FOKAS with the Indian Destroyer (A/T) INS CHENNAI was conducted in the wider maritime area East of Crete.

During the co-training, communication, electronic warfare and advanced manoeuvring items were executed.

This co-training contributed to the promotion of the level of operational readiness, combat capability and cooperation of the participants."

It is recalled that after a recent communication between the Chief of the Armed Forces, General Konstantinos Floros, and his Indian counterpart, it was revealed that a trilateral defence cooperation plan between Greece, Israel and India is in the works.

The Army's top leadership is working feverishly to strengthen Greece's position internationally by forming defence partnerships with critical regional and international allies, ensuring stability in the region. In this context, trilateral defense cooperation between Greece, Israel and India was also discussed.

The Deputy Chief of Defence Staff invited his Indian counterpart General Anil Chauhan to pay an official visit to Greece as soon as possible, after referring to the security challenges facing Greece due to the revisionist tendencies and provocative attitudes developing in its region, and highlighted the leading role of the Armed Forces, which have always supported the stabilizing role of our country.

As we further wrote in the Pentapostagma, it is a fact that our country in recent years has shown a particular zeal in the field of military diplomacy and "building" alliances with powerful countries such as the US, France, Israel, Egypt, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the rising superpower India.

To these areas of cooperation is added the possibility for Greece to purchase the new Indian anti-radiation missile RudraM-II, which has a range of 300km and a speed of up to Mach 5.5 and can be launched from French Mirage 2000 fighters that our country has at its disposal.

In addition to the further strengthening of Athens-New Delhi relations that will result from the purchase of the missiles in question by Greece, due to their very good technical characteristics and range, they will also constitute a very important weapon for the destruction of Turkish air defence radars at a great distance and depth from the Asia Minor coast in the event of a Greek-Turkish conflict, greatly facilitating the work of our Air Force thereafter.

Athens-New Delhi relations enjoy the best possible prospects in a wide range of areas of cooperation, including defence, trade and economy, culture and wider diplomatic relations on the international chessboard.


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