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Terror over Cyprus-Turkish fighter jets threaten civilian flights-Greek F-16s needed for security on the island

Cyprus is making extra efforts to ensure aviation security amid incursions by Turkish warplanes.

Cypriot authorities say they are making additional efforts to ensure that the safety of civilian flights is not compromised by Turkish warplanes and military drones flying within Cypriot airspace without submitting flight plans or communicating with air traffic control.

The issue of uncontrolled Turkish military flights came to the fore again earlier this month when Cypriot authorities said a Turkish warplane "illegally" flew low over a UN-controlled security zone that runs through the ethnically divided island nation on what is believed to be a surveillance mission.

“Despite these illegal actions by Turkey and the illegal operation of self-proclaimed air traffic control by the separatist entity, the Civil Aviation Department of Cyprus is making every effort to ensure the safe provision of air traffic services within the Nicosia FIR. in its entirety", said a statement from the Cyprus Government.

The "Turkish disease" called Turkish neo-Ottomanism cannot in any case be fought with "aspirins", but requires "heavy antibiotics", which is called the weaponization program of deterrence.

The Turks are on the alert, since Cyprus, in cooperation with France, is creating a large naval base in the Marie area, in which warships of France, but also of Israel, Egypt, Greece and of course the USA will dock.

The Americans will use the Cyprus naval base for supply and logistical support purposes.

Now the issues that divide the two sides are many and concern from the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean to Syria and Libya.

Many polls and surveys have reported for some years the strong anti-American climate that prevails in Turkey, while before the earthquake, Erdogan, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Soilos, had accused the USA of being involved behind ISIS and the Jihadists, while at the same time they were preparing his state Kurdistan in the region.

Whatever it is in this particular period, all this is likely to be another Turkish game, with the aim of securing either money from the West, or exchanges in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.

This is how the Turks have been nurtured for years, projecting blackmail moves in which they constantly demand trade-offs for everything, even within NATO.

But as everything shows, this method has come to an end for the West, which for so many years nurtured the "Turkish beast", which it can no longer control.


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