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Sabotage on the under construction French FDI Admiral Ronarc'h sounded the alarm-Are Greek ships in danger?

According to the French press, the Frigate Amiral Ronarc'h under construction, at the Lorient shipyard belonging to the French giant Naval Group, was the target of malicious actions.

The information speaks of pure sabotage at the Naval Group shipyards by stealing cables from the F/G Amiral Ronarc'h under construction.

French authorities have launched an investigation, with the question of who attacked the French Frigate (FDI) Admiral Ronarc'h?
The investigation, opened by the French military prosecutor's office in Rennes, will try to shed light on suspected sabotage of which the frigate, due to be delivered to the French Navy in 2024, was recently targeted.

Are the Greek warlike ships under construction at risk?

The French authorities are very strict with the whole process, and do not wish in any case to repeat a similar phenomenon in these shipyards, both due to the construction of the Greek Frigates and pending orders from other countries.

The question of who attempted to sabotage the French shipyard has many implications and possible answers, ranging from industrial espionage to the action of hostile services of other countries with direct interests in not delaying the construction of said Frigates.

For example, in October 2023 the FDI KIMON Frigate of the Greek Navy will be launched, and by the end of 2023, it will be delivered to the Greek Navy.

In about six months, we will probably see the KIMON Frigate start sea trials, also in the Aegean, provoking the wrath of the Turks who rushed to throw the Anadolou helicopter carrier into the sea, making a show of force.

Who wouldn't want such a possibility, for example, while at the same time we have the construction of the helicopter carrier Anadolou, which will soon start operating in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.

Of course the "neighbors", while there are other interests of other countries, who wish to slow down the technological achievements of France for other purposes. In any case, Greek FDI is not in danger and everything will be done according to plan, and the Turks can be sure of that.

Smaller in size than the FREMMs, the Defense and Intervention (FDI) frigate incorporates the latest technological innovations, both in its design and construction, and incorporates NAVAL GROUP's expertise with high added value. Multi-mission, it is designed to handle all areas of warfare. With the order from Greece in 2022, six Belh@rra frigates will already be produced in Lorient and three additional frigates in optional installments.

"Equipped with a distributed cloud-type digital architecture, it is a ship that is scalable, resilient and provides the services required by today's seafarers on demand," says the manufacturing company.

According to the Hellenic Navy, the ships will be named after three great ancient Greek admirals: Kimon, Nearchus and Phormion. These names were previously used for the US Charles F. Adams class destroyers in service with the Hellenic Navy from 1991 to 2004.

As we have reported several times, the FDI HN frigates will have high-level capabilities in each domain: anti-ship, anti-aircraft and anti-submarine. Its air defense and protection against surface threats will be ensured by the most modern sensors, including Thales Sea Fire, the first fully digital multi-function radar with active antenna and fixed panels.


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