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Demonstration of power by Israel in the Mediterranean-Greece's participation in the Noble Dina exercise is important

From Wednesday 15 to Thursday 30 March 2023, the four-part naval exercise named "NOBLE DINA 2023 -  (ND-23)" took place in the wider maritime area of the Eastern Mediterranean, between Greece, Cyprus, the USA and Israel, and with the participation of the Naval Forces of France, Italy, as well as Germany, which participated with links to the Naval Units. As we were the first to inform about the Israeli multinational exercise, the participation of Greece was once again important as through it Tel Aviv acquires the strategic depth it does not have

"NOBLE DINA 2023" is a LIVEX (Live Exercise) type exercise, it is part of the wider planning of GEETHA in terms of the international collaborations of the Armed Forces which permanently support and highlight the stabilizing role of Greece in the wider region, and contributed to the increasing operational readiness and combat capability, as well as enhancing synergy and interoperability between participants at the allied and multilateral level.

The Armed Forces participated in the Exercise with Air Force and Navy personnel and assets, as below:

  • 2 Fighter Aircraft (A/F) F-16 Block 52+.
  • The Frigate (F/C) SALAMIS with its organic Helicopter.
  • The Submarine (Y/B) KATSONIS.
  • The Rapid Guided Missile Patrol (TPK) GRIGOROPOULOS.

In addition, "NOBLE DINA 2023" was attended by staff and media as follows:

The Armed Forces of Cyprus with the Search and Rescue Coordination Center (SRC), the IOANNIDIS High Seas Patrol Boat (PATH), 1 AW-139 Helicopter and 2 long-range coastal patrol boats (Fast Patrol Boats – FPB).

  • The French Armed Forces with the Frigate (F/C) FS LANGUEDOC.
  • The US Armed Forces with 1 Naval Operations Aircraft (NAF) P-8A.
  • The Italian Armed Forces with the Frigate (F/C) ITS ALPINO with its organic Helicopter.
  • The Israeli Armed Forces "dropped" the newly acquired Sa'ar 6 corvettes into the exercise

The Israelis sent to this exercise essentially all the submarines they have and most of their warships and of course a respectable number of fighters and helicopters.

Overall and during the Exercise, the following complex operational scenarios were implemented:

  • Air Defense Exercise (ADEX) objects.
  • Topics include joint surface and air operational picture synthesis, forward maneuvers, surface warfare, gaining and maintaining sea control, and tactical command change procedures.
  • E/P operations using a hoist.
  • Surveillance operations (Visit Board Search and Seizure - VBSS).
  • Search and rescue (Search and Rescue Exercise - SAREX).
  • Combined Anti-Submarine Exercise (CASEX).
  • Surface Warfare Exercise (Surfex).
  • Medical assistance on a friendly ship (Medical Exercise - MEDEX).
  • Support for repairing damage to a friendly ship (Damage Control Exercise - DAMCONEX).
  • Exchange links between participants.




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