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Alert in EU and Greece about nuts from Turkey - Salmonella detected in famous brand causing many questions

Harmful bacteria have been found in a famous nut brand in Turkey, raising an alarm, a major Turkish newspaper reports.

Turkish authorities have decided to recall these products from the markets.

The Turkish press reports that "an often preferred nut product sold on the market has been withdrawn due to the presence of harmful bacteria".

Turkish nuts sold in the EU and other countries were found to be harmful to human health.
According to the information provided, Salmonella bacteria was detected in peeled packages of sunflower seeds belonging to the Monolith Mitte brand, the Turkish article said.

The Turkish company did not issue a statement on whether Salmonella bacteria were present in its products and decided to withdraw its products.

The Turkish product has an expiry date of 30 April 2025.


What is happening with food imports from Turkey 

In 2022, Italy had informed the European platform for the exchange of information between EU countries on dangerous food, RASFF, of a serious risk from peanuts originating from Turkey.

Following a border check by the Italian authorities, a shipment of shelled peanuts was found to contain aflatoxins in excess of the permitted limits."

Aflatoxins are one of the main groups of mycotoxins and are produced by fungal action during production, harvesting, storage and processing of foodstuffs.

For years, authorities at customs in Evros have been blocking tonnes of unfit food from Turkey destined for Greece and the EU every year, but thousands of tonnes still get through.

The import of products for consumption by millions of consumers in Europe and in our country from so-called third countries is a dream project for the political elite in Brussels, and is a field of expansion by the judicial authorities.

Turkey and many North African countries are ignoring basic hygiene rules, while using banned pesticides and manners, causing many problems probably to the health of consumers in Greece and Europe.

Importation of foreign products destroys Greek production and Greek producers in general 

It has been known for years that many products, such as dairy products, meat, fruit and vegetables, honey, pulses and especially nuts are imported from so-called third countries and of course Turkey, at very low prices, and then "Greekized" to be sold at a higher price in Greece.

We are talking about milk and lamb from Skopje and Albania, honey from Bulgaria and China, vegetables and fruit and nuts from Turkey, imported into Greece and then illegally reaching the Greek market with a Greek label at other higher prices, bypassing an entire control system of the country.

The result is that products of dubious quality or dangerous products reach the plate of the Greek consumer, while our producers are reduced every year at the expense of the Greek economy.


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