Greek-Turkish Relations
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They want domination in the Aegean - Admiral advisor to the Kemalists: We must rapidly build ISTIF Frigates and TF2000 Air Defence Destroyers

The Turks are in a great hurry to build a sufficient number of ISTIF-class frigates and TF2000-class Air Defence Destroyers to achieve superiority over the Greek Navy, which has suspended the Corvette construction programme and is waiting for the American Constellation (FFG-62).


The Minister of Defence of the Kemalist Party, Rear Admiral (retired). Yanki Bagchioglu, who served as Director of the Operations Branch of the Turkish Navy, gives us a glimpse of Ankara:

1. "Our goal should be to build seven ISTIF-class frigates , and this should be implemented rapidly with the contribution of the Istanbul State Shipyard and other shipyards that were excluded from the project and have not undertaken warship programmes.


2. Moreover, instead of wasting money focusing on the second aircraft carrier program ( TRAKYA), which is a long-term goal, we ought to accelerate the construction program of the TF2000 type Area Air Defence Destroyers.

3. We ought to take all necessary measures, including political ( pressure on Germany), to avoid further delays in the operational integration of Type-214 (Reis) class submarines, which will give us a very large strategic capability at sea."

Here the Turkish Rear Admiral, wants to tell us in his own words, that Turkey must accelerate the construction of Warships ( Frigates and Corvettes), in such numbers, so that it will outnumber the Greek Navy in the future, in order to achieve superiority in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.

In fact, he talks about accelerating all respective programs for this purpose, indicating a trend in the neighboring country for imminent possible aggressive plans against our country.

The new US Constellation Frigate (FFG-62) will be delayed Three extra years - Should we order 2 extra FDIs for the PN?

As we recently reported on the issue of Constellation (FFG-62), we have serious problems in the cooperation of the Americans with labour and Fincantieri Marinette Marine putting the delivery of the first four frigates "in the air", something that affects Greece's participation in this programme.

The Constellation frigate (FFG-62), in whose construction Fincantieri Marinette Marine is also involved, may not be delivered to the US fleet until 2029, three years later than the original delivery target of 2026, according to a shipbuilding review.

Should we order two additional FDIs for the PN?  

With all this in mind, and given that the Turks will be building a warship every year, the Greek Navy needs to make its plans for the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.

We can either go ahead with the partnership with Fincantieri for the FREMM Frigates, or we can convince the French to give us two more KIMON class Frigates, at advantageous prices, rather than not ordering any ships at all.

In any case, we ought to start building small warships in our shipyards, at least at the TPC level, and then fit them with foreign weapons systems.

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