Greek-Turkish Relations
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The Greek-French veto on the Turkish defense industry caused great anger and concern in Turkey

The Turks are particularly annoyed and very angry after the Greek-French veto in Europe, for the permission of the Turkish company Baykar to enter the defense industry in the EU, with the aim of supplying Turkish-made drones to Ukraine with European money.

Greece, France and Cyprus did not accept that Greek and Cypriot taxpayers' money be given to a Turkish company.

The 60th Munich Security Conference was recently held in Germany

About 50 heads of state and government went to Germany, the agenda of the conference included Russia's war against Ukraine and conflicts in the Middle East centered on Gaza.

The Turkish article of a major Turkish website states that "it was a surprise that France, which argued that the European Union (EU) should supply arms to Ukraine by March, did not allow a purchase from a non-EU country, which involved and Turkey".

The Turks claim that with their own drones they are allegedly targeting "terrorists", meaning Kurdish fighters and innocent civilians in Syria and Iraq.

“The Bayraktar TB2s produced by Baykar were protecting the Government of National Unity in Libya, which is also recognized by the UN, from pro-Haftar forces.

The same TB2s became the biggest weapon in Azerbaijan's war against Armenia, enabling the capture of Karabakh in 44 days.

Ukraine, which resisted the Russian occupation, also used TB2 very effectively against Moscow", the Turkish journalist reports about Ankara's long arm in these areas which defeated Armenians, Haftar's soldiers and even the Russians.

“France, the biggest supporter of Armenia in the war with Azerbaijan, has now blocked the purchase of Bayraktar for Ukraine. Greece and Cyprus sided with France.

Diplomats from Greece and Cyprus took action when they learned that the Kyiv administration was preparing for a large purchase from Baykar and that this order would be financed with the money they would receive from the E.U.

These three countries vetoed (the purchase of UAVs and artillery shells, which would be bought by Turkey with EU funds and given to Ukraine), at the meeting of the European Union's Political and Security Committee held last week.

Speaking after Politico broke the story, an official said the French did not want competition with their own weapons and were uncomfortable with money going to the Turkish defense industry.

There is a Macron who claims that NATO is brain dead and accuses Turkey of collaborating with Russia.

Similarly, Greece and Cyprus also claim that Turkey supports Russia. Now we have to ask these three countries. Who benefited from vetoing this sale?”, concludes the Turkish website.

The veto hurt the Turks, and it's a shame that other countries, like Italy, Spain and of course Germany, didn't veto the Turks by playing their well-known suspicious games with Erdogan.

Turkey uses this technology for its drones to kill innocent people, to bomb the territory of other countries and to threaten Greece, and in Europe they were discussing whether to accept the Turkish defense industry.

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