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After joining ESSI, it will become easier for Turkey to acquire Eurofighters - Risk of losing the advantage given by the Rafale

Turkey's participation in the German ESSI initiative is expected to have a positive impact on the defense cooperation between Berlin and Ankara, according to a report by the Turkish service of the BBC.

Let us recall that the ceremony for the signing of the agreement was organized by the German Minister of Defense, Boris Pistorius, and the Turkish Ministry of Defense also released a related video with Yasar Güler declaring the time of the signing:"This initiative, under the leadership of Germany, is an important step towards meeting NATO requirements, while ensuring interoperability and integration of allies. As Turkey, we are ready to contribute to this initiative with the wide range of our national capabilities. I would like to thank Germany for its coordinating role in this important initiative. We look forward to working with you on this initiative that serves the collective defense.”


In the publication of the Turkish service of the BBC it is also pointed out that: Turkey's participation in ESSI, which is an initiative of Germany, is expected to have a positive impact on the cooperation between Berlin and Ankara in defense matters.

Turkey's request to buy Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets also requires political approval from the German government.

The Eurofighter is a fighter aircraft developed and produced by England, Italy, Spain and Germany. All four countries must approve it for sale to third parties.

Sources from the Turkish Ministry of National Defense said in their statement last week that their requests for Eurofighters continued after the US approved the sale of F-16s.

Ministry sources said, “A positive approach is expected from Germany, one of the consortium countries, on this issue. They stated that "negotiations and studies are ongoing."


During their meeting in Ankara in November, the defense ministers of Turkey and Britain signed a statement of intent to further strengthen security and defense cooperation and also discussed the sale of Eurofighter jets.

Meanwhile, while the US government approved the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey at the same time as the F-35s for sale to Greece, the simultaneous acceptance of Turkey and Greece to ESSI is considered remarkable."

In its report, the Turkish service of the BBC also adds that: "Turkey's start to receive S-400 air defense systems from Russia in 2019 caused tension in its relations with NATO allies, especially the USA.

With the impact of the foreign policy problems, Ankara's cooperation with its NATO allies in the field of defense industry has decreased and even stopped.

However, almost four years later, the normalization of relations seen with Turkey's approval of Sweden's NATO membership continues with new steps.

While the US government gave the green light for the sale of F-16s to Turkey, alliance members such as Canada began to lift their de facto embargoes on the defense industry.

Turkey's participation in ESSI in the framework of the steps to normalize relations is also noteworthy.

ESSI is designed to use multi-layered defense systems against missiles of different ranges and includes the medium-range (35 km) German IRIS-T SLM, the long-range (100 km) American-made Patriot and the very long-range ( 100+ km / extra -atmospheric) US-Israeli-made Includes systems such as the Arrow-3'.

So does this mean that after the F-16 Viper, Turkey, by joining the German ESSI initiative, opens the way for the acquisition of Eurofighters from Ankara, thus equalizing the advantage that Athens has with the Rafale? We say this because both the French fighter and the German-British have the same anti-aircraft missile. The Meteor with a range of 200 km... Your conclusions.

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