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Turkish drones: The new FOX UAV - Capabilities - Missions - Ways to deal with them (Video)

It is a fact that the Turkish defense industry has made significant leaps in the field of drones, which it produces in great variety and numbers.

The wars in Ukraine and Nagorno-Karabakh have highlighted the importance of drones, which are evolving into a cheap relatively lethal weapon system that destroys very expensive enemy weapons systems and means, thus playing a very important role in the evolution of operations.

The above is known to our "neighbors", but also to our country, which has recently been rushing to catch up in the field of Drones.

However, the Turks are proceeding with the construction of new drones such as the FOX UAV.

The new Turkish UAV FOX

According to International Media, "Turkish company Space & Defense Technologies (SDT) is currently presenting its newest innovation, the FOX UAV System, at the World Defense Show (WDS) 2024, which takes place from February 4 to 8.

This all-electric quadcopter redefines the UAV industry with its flexible modular design, tailored for optimal performance in both short-range flights and high-altitude operations.

The FOX UAV system, with its hybrid functionality, can seamlessly undertake a wide range of missions through rotary and horizontal flight modes.

It is built with four strategically placed motors and propeller sets, ensuring unparalleled stability and control. This design not only enhances its reliability but also positions the FOX UAV as a critical tool for various missions in many fields.

Technical specifications - Numerical data

In terms of technical specifications, the FOX UAV has a wingspan of 1.2 meters and a length of 1.4 meters, facilitating superior maneuverability.

It achieves a flight speed of 10 m/s and can accelerate to a maximum speed of 15 m/s. MTOW of 45 kg without payload, has a maximum payload weight of 25 kg.

Equipped with a 124Ah battery, the UAV extends its range to 13.5 km, capable of operating up to 3000 meters above ground level (AGL).

These features make the FOX UAV an exemplary choice for tasks that require high altitude capabilities.


The FOX UAV system is not just about aerial surveillance.

Its roles extend to the protection of troops on the battlefield, civil surveillance, forest management, environmental conservation, disaster response and aerial photography.

Its adaptability and state-of-the-art technical specifications make it an indispensable asset to enhance safety, efficiency and progress in various industries, especially in defense and security operations where the protection of soldiers in combat scenarios is of utmost importance.

Featuring advanced mission planning tools, the system enables precise flight along defined paths, real-time adjustments to flight plans, targeting of specific locations and circular points of interest. This operational flexibility ensures that the FOX UAV can meet the complex requirements of modern missions.


Evaluation-Methods of treatment

From the technical characteristics and numerical data, we find that the new Turkish UAV FOX is a very useful battlefield surveillance drone, especially in defense and security operations where the protection of soldiers is of the utmost importance.

Real-time data transmission of enemy formation and means, adjustment of friendly Artillery fire, combined with its small size, maneuverability and flight characteristics make it a valuable aid in the hands of the Turkish military, which presents a moderate degree of difficulty to shoot down of anti-aircraft fire from the enemy.

We further estimate that friendly electronic warfare (EW) systems will be able to disable its operation.






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