Greek-Turkish Relations
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The Greek Pentagon and the anti-drone "umbrella" in the Eastern Aegean - Turks now have SATCOM systems

The war of drones in the Aegean is a given, as are the provocations of the Turks, although and as long as they decide that they must challenge us again, in view of the mining in the south of Crete for example.

According to a video of the newspaper MACEDONIAS in April 2023, we had revealed that the upcoming official test of our country's anti-drone system, for which there was cooperation with Israel.
Then Mr. Mitsotakis had toured the facilities and was informed about the Greek anti-drone system of National Center for Research & Technological Development.

He was given a guided tour while there was also a small demonstration of the anti-drone system which detected unmanned aerial vehicles without a flight plan, with real-time monitoring.

There, the person in charge of Center for Research & Technological Development and the system in question said that very soon we will have the first official test of the presence of of course Senior Officers of General Staff of National Defense, in a move with strong symbolism for the Greek Armed Forces.

Εφόσον το σύστημα περάσει τις δοκιμές αυτές, αλλά και τις υπόλοιπες που ενδεχομένως θα απαιτηθούν, είναι σχεδόν σίγουρο ότι θα δούμε στον οπλοστάσιο της χώρας μας, όχι μόνο για λογαριασμό των Ενόπλων Δυνάμεων, αλλά και για την φύλαξη ευαίσθητων χώρων, όπως η Βουλή, και άλλα δημόσια κτίρια της χώρας.

Το σύστημα παρακολουθεί και αναγνωρίζει αυτόματα εχθρικά drone και αποφασίζει τον τρόπο αντίδρασης και το όπλο που θα χρησιμοποιηθεί για την εξουδετέρωση, αναφέρει το Center for Research & Technological Development σε ανακοίνωσή του.

The statement of K. Dendias about anti-drone umbrella

This anti-drone umbrella will be installed in the Eastern Aegean and Evros, as a counterweight to the intense activity of Turkish UAVs

The entire system has already been installed and is in the final stage of testing, reports the Greek press. This is a number of stations in "red" areas, creating a network of sensors.

The aim of the whole system is to "blind" the Turkish UAVs by interfering with their GPS signal, disorienting their flight plan.

But the problem with Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles is not so easily solved and there is a reason for this

The Turks have fitted TB-3 and AKINCI UCAVs with SATCOM satellite control stations, from the GOKTURK satellites, rendering any ground jamming system useless.

The Greek anti-drone umbrella will be able to detect any UAV that will take off from a Turkish base with the intention of entering the Athens FIR without a flight plan, but their neutralization must also include other systems.

Foreign military analysts report that "the Turkish army now has at least 200-300 equipped with Bayraktar TB2, and Akinci small missiles.

It is estimated that Turkey could make massive use of its unmanned aerial vehicles in all scenarios of a Greek-Turkish war or crisis, short or long.

The reason concerns the attempt of zero reaction from the Greek side, and the destruction of critical facilities, such as ports, refineries, military installations, airports and many others.


Turkey is producing drones and UAVs in large numbers, while a Turkish social media website states: “As the US redirects its stored aircraft to Greece, Ankara doubles its production of UCAVs, SRBM/MRBM, MLRS multiple launch systems and Bunker Buster bombs .

Turkey's plan is to wipe out all strategic infrastructure (airbases & fuel storage facilities) within the first day of any war with Greece".

Information from the Turkish press also states that the Turkish defense industry is preparing UCAVs, which will have the exclusive mission of surface and submarine units. This plan is part of the intentions and plans of the Turkish side, in any possible Greek-Turkish conflict, at any time and this will probably be implemented.

The extremely positive thing is that our country has fallen headlong into all types of unmanned vehicles, and in the Three Dimensions, and this will produce great results in the coming period.

However, the problem of neutralizing drones internationally remains, and solutions are expected from major countries.

Logically, in a reasonable time we will probably even have aerial "hunters" of unmanned aircraft, which will do the "dirty work" of destroying all these vehicles.

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