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Dendias on the possibility of the Turks rejoining the F-35 programme: 'I will never tell the United States what they will do but...

Turkey claims that it will get the F-16 Viper from the US without conditions, according to a statement by the Turkish presidency, which wants to mitigate the negative impressions created in Turkish public opinion by the acquisition of the F-35 by Greece.

The statement reads, "In some media, 'F-16 sales to Turkey are subject to conditions'. The claim is not true.
The approval process in the US Congress for the procurement of 40 new F-16 Block-70s and modernization of 79 existing F-16s in accordance with the needs of the Air Force Command began on January 26. The approval process also includes requests for ammunition, materials and equipment for the associated aircraft. Work on the calendar will begin after offer and acceptance letters are received. As claimed on Greek news sites, the issue of F-16 procurement and modernization is not subject to any condition."

Meanwhile, US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland was in Turkey a few days ago and in an attempt to distance it from Russia suggested Ankara to withdraw the S-400 and rejoin the F-35 program.

Commenting on the issue, John Kirby, the White House National Security Council's Strategic Communications Coordinator, said: "There is no change in our view that the F-35 program for Turkey is incompatible with the use of the S-300 and S-400 missiles. . So we're still having those conversations. And if Turkey can resolve our concerns about that, then there could be a restoration — of the transition to the F-35 program. But - but that's it - here we are. There is no change in that."

The Greek Minister of National Defense speaking on Sky radio said: The position, I know Mrs. Victoria Nuland well, I have met her many times in my life with my previous hat of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The placement on the declaration must be done by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Greece has a fixed and clear position, it has been formulated 15 times. But let me repeat something that is not new.

I will never tell the United States what to do. They will serve their own interest and the interest of the alliance they lead, NATO.

Question: Is it in their interest and is it in the alliance's interest to use weapons provided by the United States by one ally against another ally? And be used to challenge his sovereignty and sovereign rights? That is, to be given to him without any conditions? With a blank check? To do whatever he wants? It's correct;"


Speaking at noon to military editors, Nikos Dendias also referred to the "Shields" operation for the Houthi attacks in the Red Sea, with the headquarters expected to be set in Larissa, stressing the importance of the operation for our country and saying, among other things, as follows: "We want it to be the defense arm of the EU. Operation "Shields" must be done. We want free shipping because otherwise inflation will go out the window. The "Shields" operation is a Greek priority"


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