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Erdoğan's insidious plan to support the illegal "Turkish-Libyan memorandum" - The Turkish "trap" for the US

Turkey has penetrated Libya for good, expanding its activities in the North African country in the areas of trade, economy, diplomacy and military cooperation.

Erdoğan's constant pursuit is the exploitation of the country's rich deposits of oil and natural gas on land and sea in order to always serve the ideology of the "Blue Homeland", having as a cornerstone the illegal Turkish-Libyan memorandum, which leads to a conflict between Athens and Ankara .

Turkey-Libya-US agreement to build an asphalt production plant in the North African country

According to International Media, last Sunday (January 21) an agreement was signed in Istanbul for the establishment of a Libyan-Turkish Company of Petrochemical Industries for the construction of a tar-asphalt production plant, which points out:

"The agreement was signed by Khalifa Al-Shaibani, Chairman of the Board of Libya Oil Company (part of LAIP), as the first party, Mohamed Siraj Dogramasi on behalf of the Royal Energy Company as the second party and Ron Kuperberg on behalf of the US company Basic Equipment, which manufactures factory machinery, as a third partner.

The signing ceremony was held in the presence and blessing of Mustafa Abu Fonas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Libya Africa Investment Portfolio (LAIP) and Emin Çakmak, Chairman of the Association of Turkish Companies Investing in Africa.

LAIP says the target is for the plant's production capacity to reach 500 tonnes per day and for the plant to be ready to enter the production stage within a maximum period of one year.

It is expected that the process of manufacturing machinery and equipment in the American city of Houston will take about 7 to 8 months and it will take about 7 to 8 months to arrive from America to Libya.

It also says that this month, in parallel, the necessary civil construction will be completed for the factory headquarters, which will be built on an area of ​​up to 3 hectares to ensure that it can accommodate any future expansions. The installation process and operational tests will take approximately 3 months.

Construction of road construction projects was linked with oil

LAIP says the deal is part of the company's efforts to diversify its operations and look for opportunities that would increase its revenue, especially in various production sectors, such as the asphalt industry and the manufacture of various lubricants.

He says the project has the support of its owners, LAIP and Ola Energy Holding Company (Libya Oil's rebranded petrol station sector).

LAIP said that this agreement is also considered as one of the steps in the development of Libya Oil that it has been following for the last period, in addition to the development projects of the company's own gas stations according to international standards, which will start in the near future. future.

LAIP expressed the hope that this factory will meet an important aspect of the needs of the Libyan market for these products that are necessary for road construction and maintenance projects that the country is pursuing on a large scale during this period.

From the above we understand that with the construction and start of work of the asphalt manufacturing plant in question, the direct interconnection of the construction of road construction projects in Libya with the flow of oil in the country is achieved, according to the Turkish design.

The Turkish design

Libya, devastated by the civil war, is in need of reconstruction of its road network, a fact that, as we mentioned above, is directly connected to the country's oil, creating increased needs for new mining on land as well as at sea by the Libya Oil Company (part of LAIP), which is also the first member to sign the agreement for the construction of the asphalt production plant in the country.

The Turks skilfully put into play the American company Basic Equipment, which manufactures factory machinery, as a third partner in the deal to build the asphalt plant in Libya, in an attempt to use it in the future as a lever of pressure on the American government, to serve their designs.

Thus, Erdoğan with the construction of the said factory acquires an additional "'weapon'" on the basis of his win-win policy for the exploitation of hydrocarbons within the supposed Libyan EEZ which he arbitrarily carved with his straw man in Libya Dmeiba on the basis of the illegal " Turkish-Libyan Memorandum"



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