Greek-Turkish Relations
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The "green light" from the US for the acquisition of the F-35 by Greece is expected until Monday

Athens is now counting the hours and certainly until Monday, when the "green light" is expected to be officially announced by the US, for the acquisition by the Greek Air Force of 20 5th generation F-35 fighter stealth fighters in the first phase.
The main characteristics of this 5th generation fighter are that it is an aircraft:

-Stelth (invisible to enemy radar)
-carrier of sensors that make it a 'flying operations centre'.
-interconnected to all other modern fighters
-Electronic warfare platform
-carrier of all modern weapons against ground targets
-Carrier of missiles against air targets of the latest version of the American AMRAAM and Meteor

Both the Meteor, known in Greece from the Rafale fighters, and the latest version of the American Amraam missile are capable of hitting targets at distances of more than 100 km. Distance twice as far as the Turkish Air Force currently has
With all these characteristics, it is no coincidence that in the aviation community it is also called a "first strike weapon" fighter as it can reach strategic targets unseen by enemy air defenses and fighters and strike them with a huge range of state-of-the-art smart weapons.


If until now in Greece we called Rafale fighters "Game Changer", the F-35 offers a completely new concept and capabilities as only Israel has them in the Eastern Mediterranean.

At the same time in Turkey, Erdogan after Friday prayers referred to the F-16 Viper he is requesting from the US as he believes he has done Washington a favor by giving the green light for Sweden's NATO membership

"As you know, with the promise that was made, our parliament passed it (the protocol) with a large majority and it came to me yesterday. I signed it and it was published in the Official Gazette this evening.At this moment, a day ago, Biden sent a written directive to both the House of Representatives and the rest of the House of Representatives and expressed his request that they pass it through Congress as soon as possible. We're waiting for them too. Of course, the result that comes out of there as soon as possible will, God willing, start the process of sending the F16s to Turkey, as well as the repair and maintenance process, and we are waiting for it," the Turkish president said.

If everything goes smoothly, the first F-35s will arrive in Greece in 2028, putting the Air Force in a "closed" club in which only 14 to 15 countries around the world are members.

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