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"Leave the marriages and run for Libya" - Erdogan's insidious plan to get Italy to recognize the illegal Turkish-Libyan Memorandum

Turkey's growing influence in Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean has worried Greece, which has been watching Turkey-Libya relations with concern, believing that its existence in the Mediterranean is threatened.

Influenced by the successful steps taken in foreign policy under the leadership of President Erdogan, Turkey's growing influence in Libya and the decrease in tension between Ankara and Benghazi have worried the "neighbours".


Turkish media: 'Fear of Turkey has taken over Greece - There is concern about our growing influence in Libya'

This among other things is what Turkish media reports in an article titled. "Turkey's fear gripped Greece- There is concern about our growing influence", which points out:

"According to the news translated by Ekathimerini, the Athens administration is watching Turkey's influence in Libya with concern.

The Tripoli administration, which welcomed Turkey's attitude particularly in the flood disaster that shook Libya, had the opportunity to easily heal its wounds after the humanitarian and material aid provided by President Erdogan.

The helping hand extended by Turkey has further strengthened relations between the two countries.

Greece, which sees Turkish influence in Libya as a problem, believes that its existence, especially in the Mediterranean, is threatened.

Turkey's desire to conduct exploration work for significant hydrocarbon deposits has also caused nervousness in the Athens administration.

Turkey, which made a deal in Libya for hydrocarbon exploration activities, is gradually weakening Greece's influence in the Mediterranean.

"Meloni asked for help" 

Italian Prime Minister Meloni had a meeting with President Erdogan.

During the meeting held in Istanbul, Meloni, who asked President Erdogan for help to prevent migrants from Libya from going to Italy, accepted Turkey's influence in Libya.

A news article published in Italy reported that "the agreement signed by Prime Minister Meloni with Turkish President Erdogan is aimed at stopping the outflows from Libya, where Erdogan is very influential."

Erdogan's Libya-Italy-Blue Homeland Plan

 Our view is that Erdogan is aiming to establish himself as a leader in preventing an influx of migrants into Europe and the Mediterranean region, playing this role strongly to Italian Prime Minister Meloni, whose country is being flooded with African and Syrian migrants starting from Libya.


In our recent article entitled, "Sailing" Meloni by Erdogan-Common goal Libyan oil and gas - "Mare Nostrum" and "Blue Homeland" in synergy", we pointed out that the creation of a trilateral alliance of Rome, Ankara and Libya's Tripoli for migration and security in the South-Eastern Mediterranean is "in the making".

Erdogan's plan is simple.

Moving always with contempt for International Law and the Law of the Sea, on the basis of win-win alone, he attempts to "tie" Italy to a trilateral alliance with the participation of Libya, "offering" Meloni the role of guarantor of a significant reduction in the flow of illegal immigrants from the African country to Italy, but also eliciting Rome's cooperation in the exploitation of oil and gas deposits in Libya.

This is where Turkey is "playing" to agree with Italy through its straw men in Libya, first and foremost and best of all the caretaker in fact Prime Minister Dbeiba, on the assignment of rights to exploit oil and gas deposits in certain land areas of the African country, keeping Erdogan the possibility of exploiting marine deposits in the alleged EEZ of Libya, according to the provisions of the illegal "Turcolibian Memorandum".

In this way, Turkey not only benefits economically but also serves the ideology of the 'Blue Homeland' doctrine, while dividing the EU, taking the side of Italy and the EU.


Our view is that Erdogan will try to persuade Meloni to accept the illegal "Turcolibian memorandum" not directly, but as a consequence of the signing of a tripartite security-cooperation coalition involving Turkey-Libya-Italy.

In fact, Turkey, true to the "Blue Homeland Doctrine", has recently placed its straw men in the role of a rabbit in the Libyan government which is attempting to reintroduce the illegal "Turcolibian Memorandum", by submitting to the UN its own letter declaring a border zone, with our country reacting strongly by sending its own letter to Secretary General Guterres, denouncing the Libyan letter as being contrary to International Law and the Law of the Sea for three reasons:

α) It closes the Gulf of Sirte, a move that Greece has opposed since 1974.

b) It uses straight baselines - Greece has also opposed this since 2005 - which are also contrary to International Law.

c) The coordinates submitted by Libya follow the illegal delimitation of the 2019 Turkish-Colombian memorandum.

Our assessment is that in the short term, we will see a strong Turkish naval force deployed south of Crete, within the alleged but illegal Libyan EEZ, combined with hydrocarbon exploration and extraction vessels









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