Greek-Turkish Relations
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Minings are coming to Greece-The shipowner and president of Olympiacos V. Marinakis buyed 7 ships for mining platforms

Nothing is accidental, especially when we are dealing with moves by Greek shipowners of the stature of Vangelis Marinakis who has quietly purchased a fleet of seven mining platform supply vessels in recent weeks."

Surely Mr.Marinakis knows something and this clearly concerns the start of mining south of Crete, where there are huge reserves according to seismic surveys in the area, but also older satellite photos and reports.

Vangelis Marinakis, according to a TradeWinds report, is creating a new offshore shipping company and investing $106 million to buy seven ships from the PSV fleet.

US and EXXONMOBIL and Chevron's plans from Crete to Cyprus

ExxonMobil had announced that an investment decision for drilling would be made in 2024, with the aim of the first drilling rig to "hit" in 2025, a year earlier than originally planned, but seismic surveys have reversed this decision while at the same time CHEVRON is starting something similar in Cyprus.

Since January 2023, the US giant had assured the Athens side that Turkish threatening rhetoric does not affect the company's planning.

The involvement of US operations is likely to be strengthened as in October Chevron purchased and is reviewing seismic data for the Ionian Sea region.

Earlier reports said that incredible developments are coming from experts at EXXONMOBIL, as it is revealed in practice that our hydrocarbon reserves are enough to supply the entire EU.  

The energy crisis in Europe would end, since the needs of the EU countries are expected to be covered by the Greek deposits and those of neighbouring countries.

In this real eventuality Greece would become economically strong and a promised land for the largest oil companies on the planet.  

As experts from EXXONMOBIL have pointed out, the deposits south of Crete exceed all optimistic forecasts, as they may even be more than double the initial estimate.

The news is tremendously good news, while the parties involved, namely the oil companies, the Hellenic Hydrocarbon and Energy Resources Management Company (Hellenic Hydrocarbon and Energy Resources Management Company), and the government, give the information by the drop and recommend "humility" because the Turks are lurking.

Erdogan's visit and sudden friendship with Greece is also related to mining in our country

We believe that Ankara's change of attitude for months now, combined with the proposal "to work it out ourselves without third party intervention", concerns the presence of American giants south of Crete for a start and perhaps elsewhere.

But the Turks want almost everything for themselves, and they have also set their foot in Libya, where they are scrambling for the two largest hydrocarbon deposits in the entire Mediterranean, while Italians, Russians and the USA have a presence in the area.

There is no way that the Turkish plans will be accepted by both Greece and the USA, which is currently moving a huge armada into the Eastern Mediterranean in the wake of the war in Gaza.   

Greece and Cyprus are at a huge crossroads, which is also the opportunity of the ages, so that they can move to a different geopolitical, energy and especially defence context, having as a dowry the billions they will reap from their hydrocarbon deposits.

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