Greek-Turkish Relations
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The Greek Army is considering a Leopard-1 A5 upgrade package to reinforce Evros against Turkish forces

A presentation by representatives of the company "LEONARDO S.p.A." was made to the staff of the General Staff of the General Staff, on the modernization of the Leopard tanks, based on the equipment program of the Army.

On Tuesday 28 November 2023, a presentation was made to staff of the General Staff by representatives of the company LEONARDO S.p.A., on its capabilities in the upgrade/modernization of Leopard 1 A5 tanks.

The highest priority for the Leopard 1 A5, is the replacement of the current sights, which are considered obsolete with outdated capabilities.

We are also, of course, looking to modernize the fire control system (FCS), with new modern targeting and engagement systems.

A new APC combined with a larger 120 mm gun calibre, on the Leopard 1A5, for example, and if feasible, would give great power to this weapon system, while also increasing the firepower of our Armoured Brigades.

Upon completion, Greece will have one of the largest and most capable Leopard 2 MBT fleets in Europe, consisting of 170 Leopard 2A6s and 183 Leopard 2A7s.

Weighing around 40 tonnes, the Leopard 1A5 is a rather lightweight tank and this is partly due to its armour thickness, which is ten times less than that of a Leopard 2.

It is equipped with a 105 mm gun, and has an EMES-18 sight in the 1980s.

The Turkish ALTAY and the constant delays

The Turks have announced 10 times cooperation on engine acquisition with Britain and another 10 with South Korea, but the reins are held by the US, prohibiting any move. So the new Turkish battle tank remains on paper and expect new developments if and when Ankara signs off on Sweden's entry into NATO.      

LOA is coming and major moves are being made to acquire 20+4 F-35 aircraft

Throughout the past period when we have been awaiting the request (LOA) to the US for the F-35 aircraft, we have been making significant moves to expedite this program.

Reports indicate that the most important of all has been achieved. This of course relates to the successful move to find funding for the purchase by the Greek Air Force of 20+4 F-35 aircraft.
The source of funding will come from the well known FMF ( Foreign Military Financing), which is for arms programs of NATO member countries and Israel.

When we sign for these aircraft, the Turks will feel the threat from the Greek Air Force, which can come whenever they want suddenly, in their skin.

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