Greek-Turkish Relations
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They want us unarmed so that the Turks can blackmail us: "Greeks with MH-60R helicopters will be able to sink modern Turkish submarines"

It has long been the Turkish policy, as we understand, not only to manufacture high quality weapons systems from their domestic defence industry, but also to prevent Greece (their main rival) from being equipped with powerful weapons.

This effort is so blatant that it should concern the current and future Greek governments, since the Turks are desperate to have us "rigged", as the famous actor D. Papamichael said in the movie "Papafless".

Turkish defence industry and new submarines threatened by Greek anti-submarine helicopters  

"While the Greek and Turkish governments are extending the hand of friendship and cooperation and planning the Mitsotakis-Erdoğan meeting on December 7 in the framework of the High Level Cooperation Council, the Turkish Naval Chief of Staff warns the romantics and dreamers that the "monster" exists and can exist at any time and at any time, as long as conditions allow.

These moves are muddying the waters in the Aegean, reminding us that it is ready to attack us," a Turkish expert tells a major newspaper about the purchase of Greek anti-submarine helicopters.  

Turkish media report that their country is making significant steps in the defense industry every day, drawing attention with its very good position in the submarine sector.

At the point where the technology has reached, submarine power is also becoming more and more important."

The neighbours consider the Turkish submarine fleet to be among the top 10 in the list announced in terms of submarine power.

That is exactly where they point out that the Greek Navy has made a remarkable move against Turkish submarines.

"Greece, which loves to fight very much, this time made a move against Turkish submarines. This time Athens' desire is to sink Turkish submarines in a possible war.The first three MH-60R anti-submarine helicopters are coming to Greece in February.

The first 3 MH-60R anti-submarine helicopters will arrive at the naval base in Kotroni in early February 2024.

This is a new nightmare after the TOMA M-1117, the Rafale aircraft and the Belhara frigates, since the top-of-the-line MH-60R anti-submarine helicopters are on their way to be delivered to the Greek Navy," a Turkish newspaper reports.

What is really causing the Turks great concern

"The Greek version of the MH-60R will be equipped with Hellfire missiles, guided missiles and modern Mk.54 torpedoes.

While the agreement with the US includes the modernization of the Aegean Hawk helicopters, which will be implemented by the US company in Greek factories, the MEKO mid-life frigate modernization program, which is vital for the Greek Navy, is also in operation."

It is almost certain that the Greek Archipelago, along with the French frigates and other weapons systems, turned into a huge "trap" for the Turkish navy and effectively cancelled the "Blue Homeland" plan.

The MH-60R are multi-role helicopters developed to replace the SH-60B and SH-60F of the US Navy.

As multi-role helicopters, they can perform anti-submarine warfare, surface warfare, search and rescue operations, fire support missions for amphibious operations, surveillance and communications support operations, and both resupply and personnel transport missions.

For resupply missions, the helicopter is equipped with an external hook capable of carrying a payload of 6,000 pounds (2,718 kg).

To bring us to our senses, the Turks through their controlled press and channels can "threaten us on TV" with TAYFUN and UCAV missiles etc., but we when we buy anti-submarine helicopters for example, we are provocative and prepare to attack", this is a theorem that conceals very serious things about what the Erdogan regime is preparing in the Aegean.

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